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 Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations   Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:54 pm

1) Flaming - Any flames or insults need to be CLEARLY done IN CHARACTER (IC). If it is determined that someone is flaming in these forums OUT OF CHARACTER (OOC) they receive a warning for the first offense and a BAN for the second offense.

2) Alter Egos - Anyone caught using an alter ego (i.e., another username) will automatically be temporarily banned from ICW and XGW until it is determined that the guilty party is worthy of being allowed to participate again. This rule stands even if that alter ego was used solely for ICW purposes...bottom line, DON'T DO IT under any circumstances.

3) Voting - Only participants who are officially apart of ICW are allowed to vote. If you vote and are not signed up with ICW, your votes will not count.

4) Voting; Part 2 - If you are eligible to vote, and cast your votes but do not vote for EVERY match on the card; NONE of your votes will count. If however, both participants in a match have neither promo'd, then you are not required to vote for that particular match.

5) Links - Mention of other e-feds by name is OK, just do not post any links...posting a link to another board's e-fed is the same as linking to another wrestling website so DON'T DO IT.

6) Match determination - To determine its winners and losers, ICW uses the "Promo" method to attempt to award the e-wrestler(s) who puts forth the best competitive effort. Wrestlers are given a card for each show and are asked to write a promo if they have a match in that card's "Promo and More” thread. Usually, wrestlers have 6 days (Saturday-Thursday) to post their promo before a deadline expires. A combined average of promo scores (rated by the writing staff) and vote tallies by participants (also collected in the Promos and More thread) determine the winners and losers. All promo scores are scored on a 5-point scale in 0.1 increments and are judged on overall writing, character development, storyline development, creativity, and other intangibles. Each vote also gives a participant an additional 0.1 point for their match score. The method has a checks-and-balances feel to it, meaning that everyone has some degree of input on who wins the matches and not just management. If you have questions, feel free to PM myself or TJ Tilli.

9) Promos - only 1 Official ICW Promo per person per match. There is no maximum or minimum word count. Although the writing staff will determine the actual score, feedback from other members is allowed and encouraged.

10.) Hit and Runners - Those who submit a wrestler and constantly fail to RP, your wrestler will be jobbed until you return. If you are banned for an inexcusable reason, your wrestler will be a perma-jobber.

11) Have fun! - That is what this fed is all about, we want you to be competitive and put pride into your work, but the main goal for this fed is to provide a fun escape for it's participants.
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Rules & Regulations
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