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 Eruption 3.2 Zackie Zackie.

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PostSubject: Eruption 3.2 Zackie Zackie.   Wed May 05, 2010 7:15 am

(The camera fades back in to show Awesome Cobain still sipping his glass of wine quite relaxed in his limo, he has a very stern look on his face and his TV is now turned off, he's wearing a pair of blue jeans and an untucked baggy polo shirt, he looks very casual for being in a limo and he takes a deep breath in and out, he turns to the camera and rubs his five o'clock shade making himself look quite manly, he rolls his eyes and finally opens his mouth.)

"This Saturday I'm featured in a tag team match up. Firstly and most obviously you've got me, whose teaming with Zack Blaze, the man that if our tag team wins. He'll become the ICW world champion! A title that I will soon be taking afterwards and together, we face Leon Lonewolf the current ICW champ and his mystery partner who will probably just get the shit kicked out of him, anyway, I'm going to go through my three competitors and I have a few words to say to each of them so all of you guys better be listening."

(He takes a deep breath in and out.)

"Okay, lets get the easiest out of the way first, the mystery partner. A man who hasn't and won't be named till the night of eruption. I hope that you know what you're in for because me and Zack certainly don't, we don't know your name, your fighting style or anything about you. So I'm guessing you're someone good, maybe with a small amount of talent, I don't know. I guess I'll just have to wait and find out."

(He chuckles and winks at the camera.)

"Moving on too my partner, Zack Blaze. A man who I've never faced in the ring but boy have I heard about him, he's been around the block I can tell people that but I think he's about to hit a brick wall and do you want to know why? Well it's pretty simple me and him are going to win this tag team match, no matter what happens and when we do, Zack is going to become the champion and that means bad news for him because I am the number one contender as of right now so I can do whatever I want and kick the absolute shit of him making him suffer. But you know on the off chance we lose and Zack blotches it for us forcing him not to pick up the title, I will be heading straight for Leon Lonewolf! Which leads onto my next competitor."

(He smiles.)

"Leon Lonewolf the man I literally Knocked out in three seconds of match time, all it took was one swift punch to the head and boom, I beat the world champion so I'm going to put it nice and simple for you Leon, I am going to kick your ass if we face off for the championship and even if we don't, I'm going to kick your ass this Saturday and your stupid 'mystery partner' who will probably turn out to be some joke of a wrestler. That no one has ever really payed attention too. But you know, whatever, you don't need to listen to me, I'm not going to tell you what to do or what's going to happen because I know that we both know what's going to happen and when Saturday Night Eruption roles around, your title is moving over to my tag team partners waist and we might not work that well together but I guarantee we can kick you around like their's no fricken tomorrow."

(He points at the camera.)

"And that Leon is the cold hard truth smacking you right in the face."

(He laughs hysterically as the camera fades out.)
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Eruption 3.2 Zackie Zackie.
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