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 Making My Mark

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Max Burnz

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PostSubject: Making My Mark   Wed May 05, 2010 6:32 pm

The scenes open up during a live house show in Atlanta, Ga. A match is currently taking place when a man wearing all black run downs to the ring, and lays both men out. The referee cals for the bell as the unknown man looks down at his fallen prey with a hand asking for a mic.

So this is the big time, this is I.C.W. Well, as the way it seems, not much of a fight for me here. I decided to come out and and make everyone out there watching this match happy. I mean, I was sitting backstage fallen asleep, these two men need to go back to wrestling school.

Anyways, My name is Max Burnz, I am a "One Man Show". I didn't come to ICW to make friends, nor listen to any of the bullcrap stories the men and woman in the back talk about. I am here to fight, win a few championships.. And leave my mark on ICW forever. Now, onto more prevalent matters, You may or may not be wondering why I decided to come to ICW over a few other promotions that was offered to me. First thing, it's not the money, I got money. Second, I can make ICW a place for everyone to love. You see, everywhere I've been..The promotion took off like fireworks. But, it will start right now, ICW men and woman, it is time to show the world why ICW will become a top notch promotion. We must show more of the "Ruthless Demeanor" in our matches, we must take it up another notch. The men here seem to just take it slow, now isn't the time.

The ICW World Champion, that title is the highest of them all, and right now it's a shame but the champion is a joke. Hell, all the champions are a joke. You won those titles accidentally. not to disrepect the men here, but their ability to make the fans chant their name in the ring is horrible. Occasionally, I might take a man under my wing, and show them the road to success, But being a "One Man Show" that won't be happening anytime soon. So, my point in all this is simple. Everyone here is on notice, The entire Organization is on notice matter of fact, now If you have a problem with my words or wisdom, then test my knowledge, prove me wrong..You can't because my intelligence is way over your heads.

Again, if you have a problem, step up, let's take ICW to new heights.....until then I will be watching...

The scenes end with Max dropping the mic onto the mat, then heading toward the ropes as the lights fade to darkness...
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Making My Mark
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