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 One Last Time: A Shot at Gold

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PostSubject: One Last Time: A Shot at Gold   Thu May 06, 2010 5:42 pm

Part One: Mystery Attacker?

(((Blaze is seen walking backstage, about twenty minutes before the show starts. He is wearing a leather jacket with a white T-shirt underneath it and a pair of blue jeans with some holes at the knees. He is carrying a suitcase with the wheels, probably going to his dressing room. Blaze looks around greeting anyone in sight: the Guys in the Truck, the Concession Stand Worker, and almost everybody else. He finally reaches a door that says ‘Zack Blaze’ on it, which is obviously his. He drops his suitcase into his locker room, then continues on down the hallway. He is stopped by an announcer.)))

»»Jonathan // The Coach // Coachman««

“Hey Zack can I just stop you for one second?” [Zack nods his head.] “Tonight, you have the opportunity to become the ICW Champion for the second time, what are your thoughts?”

»»Zack// The Hidden Spark //Blaze««

“Well, you see Coach, tonight, I have a chance to regain the ICW Title, but there is only one thing that really bothers me: Awesome Cobain. I don’t really know if I can trust him…”

(All of a sudden a man in a black hoodie starts assaulting Zack from behind with a Biker’s Chain. He is hammering away with rights and lefts. Then, the security drag him off.)))

(((Fade to Black)))

Part Two: Trustable?

(((Zack Blaze is shown back stage in his locker room, possibly getting ready for a match, when all of a sudden, Awesome Cobain enters. Blaze turns around quickly, coming face to face with the winner of the Battle Royal last week and his “Slot-Chosen” partner. You can see there is a lot of tension, but neither man is looking away. Finally, Blaze speaks.)))

»»Zack// The Hidden Spark //Blaze««

“What do you want?” [Zack Blaze looks at Awesome Cobain with widened eyes, not wanting to get screwed out of his chance to once again become ICW Champion.]

»»James // Awesome // Cobain««

“Woah, calm down!” [Cobain holds up his hands in an innocent way. Is he really not trying to do anything? Or, is he just trying to get inside Blazes head?] “I just came in here to address tonight. Are you ready?” [Awesome Cobain laughs, but Blaze just keeps staring at Cobain, not wanting anything to do with him at this moment.] “Come on! I’m just messin’ around with ya! Listen tonight we are going to…” [Blaze interrupts Cobain in the middle of his sentence.]

»»Zack// The Hidden Spark //Blaze««

“We? There’s no we! Tonight is about me taking back the ICW World Heavyweight Championship from Leon Lonewolf, and I don’t need you to do it! I don’t know what the hell the ICW General Manager or whatever you want to call him was thinking about making this match, but I sure as hell don’t want it!” [Blaze’s face is starting to turn blood red now as he is yelling to Cobain.] “Now, you want to come into MY Locker Room and tell me that we’re going to win tonight? Ha! Tonight is my night and there is nothing you, Leon, or whoever the hell his partner is, can do about it! And I swear, if you screw me over…”

»»James // Awesome // Cobain««

“I won’t! Okay? I don’t know what your problem is tonight, but I sure as hell don’t like it. And you wanna talk about me screwing you over? I think I should be the one who should be concerned.” [Cobain stops for a moment, then continues.] “You know what? You’re right, but you better pray to God that you don’t face me anytime soon, because if you do, I won’t only take the ICW Championship, I’ll end your career here in ICW!”

»»Zack// The Hidden Spark //Blaze««

[Zack looks at Cobain for a minute, then looks as if he has once again been attacked.] “It was you, wasn’t it?!?! You were the one that attacked me backstage! You son of a bitch!”

(((With that, Awesome Cobain laughs, then walks out of the Locker Room, but Blaze stands there for a minute, then goes back to getting ready for his match tonight. Tension is definitely building up to tonight’s Main Event match, but will Zack be able to regain the ICW Title?)))

(((Fade to Black)))
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One Last Time: A Shot at Gold
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