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 Saturday Night Eruption 3.2

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Eruption 3.2   Mon May 10, 2010 6:53 am

The fans stand and cheer as Red and White fireworks ignite above the stage as "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage hits on the P/A. Men, women and hardcore children alike as the camera passes by,capturing their faces on live TV. We go to Matt Striker and Tazz on commentary for the opening of the show.

MS: Welcome to ICW Eruption. Matt Striker alongside Tazz and we have the perfect show just 2 weeks from Slamathon.

Tazz: Leon Lonewolf and a partner of his choosing will face Awesome Cobain and Zack Blaze and Blaze is cashing in his rematch clause. So if Lonewolf loses, Blaze regains the ICW Championship.

MS: We got our first female action as Athena takes on Talia Madison. This will sure to be HOT HOT HOT!

Tazz: And MC Steel will have his first singles match against debuting Malik Logan.

MS: But first, a former WWE Superstar will debut against another debutee. Let's watch the action.

TR: The following match is set for one fall, introducing first The Righteous Jerry Static!

"Howling" by Abingdon Boys school plays over the PA system and Jerry slowly walks out from behind the titantron with a look of confidence on his face he walks down to the ring giving a few high fives to the fans and doing nothing drastic for entertainment, he stands in the center of the ring grinning.

TR: "Now, introducing the phenom, the Undertaker.

Graveyard Symphony plays over the PA system and the Undertaker slowly walks out, the crowd begin an Undertaker chant and he pays no attention slowly walking up to the ring and over the steps, staring down Jerry whose dancing around. Undertaker finally climbs in and the bell rings.

MS: Here we go.

Tazz: I think we've got a good match here.

The Undertaker goes to hook up with Jerry in a test of strength but Jerry just ducks it and jumps onto the back of the Undertaker and slamming his head into the mat executing a float over DDT. The undertaker lies layed out while Jerry gets back up to his feet and starts to lay some boots into him, eventually the Undertaker throws him away and gets to his feet only to be hit with an Enzuigiri sending him right back down to the mat. Jerry climbs on top of him and hooks both his legs locking in a devastating Boston Crab. The Undertaker scream in pain and tries to grab at the bottom rope but is unsuccessful, he then tries to power out of the Boston Crab but just as Jerry is about to lose the hold, he lets go and throws a huge missile dropkick to the undertakers head, making him lie face down in the middle of the ring, Jerry flips him over and climbs up to the top rope.

Tazz: high risk maneuver in the works here.

MS: Will he hit it?

Jerry jumps off the top rope going for a static splash but just as he's about to hit it, the Undertaker puts his knees into the air and Jerry crashes down hitting the Undertaker's knees with his rib cage. Jerry screams in pain as he clutches at his chest, Undertaker slowly manages to get back to his feet with Jerry still on the ground. Undertaker looks at Jerry static lying on the ground and frowns, he walks over to Jerry and picks up his arm the fans go crazy as he gets on the ground and rolls onto his back locking in a hells gate choke hold, Jerry goes crazy as the Undertaker holds on the hold, Jerry tries to escape but it's locked in firmly. Jerry begins to fade out as Undertaker pulls the choke tighter and tighter, Jerry begins to fade out and the referee grabs his hand, he lifts it into the air and drops it 1............. he lifts his hand into the air a second time and goes to drop it but Jerry holds on, with one last push of strength he rolls over and grabs the rope the referee begins counting 1............. 2........... 3............. 4...... The Undertaker breaks the hold but Jerry lies on the ground totally out of it, the Undertaker runs towards the ropes and gets momentum coming back and hitting a huge drop kick to Jerry sending him flying out of the ring and onto the announce table.

Tazz: Oh my god, he nearly hit my coffee!

MS: He nearly kicked me in the head, he looks totally out of it!

Jerry tries to push himself to his feet but his arms collapse the Undertaker just stands in the ring and shakes his head from side to side mockingly. He then sits down and laughs at Jerry, who tries to get to his feet but just falls off the announce table. But after about thirty more seconds from no where, Jerry jumps to his feet and slides into the ring, the Undertaker stands up suddenly and gets Clotheslined straight back down, Jerry then hits a set of DDT's followed by a Static Plex which leaves Undertaker out of it, Jerry then goes up to the top rope and hits the static splash, going for the pin 1........ 2........... 3...........! The ref calls for the bell.

TR: Here is your winner Jerry Static!

MS: Wow...I wasn't expecting that.

Tazz: Neither was I. The Undertaker is a force to be reckoned with, but Jerry Static came out with the win. Don'tgo away.We will be right back.

Jerry celebrates in the ring for around a minute then walks backstage.

-Commercial Break-

TR: The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing the competitors Malik Logan and MC steel!

Malik and Steel both walk out from behind the titantron with no music playing, Tilli follows them down.

Tazz: Where's the music Matt?

MS: Haha, they're not getting proper entrances because they haven't been promoting our business recently.

Tazz: That's fair enough Matt.

Malik and Steel both climb into the ring and TJ Tilli wants on the outside, the bell rings and the match begins Malik straight away goes for a clothesline on Steel but Steel ducks it and picks up Malik slamming him back down to the ground with a belly to back supplex. Steel then picks up Malik and sets him up for a neck breaker and hits it. Leaving Malik on the floor clutching at his neck in pain, Steel wastes no time and and climbs on top of Malik and begins pounding his head with right hands while pulling on his hair with his left hand. Steel gets up and taunts to the ground, they give a small half hearted cheer. Then Steel looks back down at Malik and nods his head with a crazy look in his eyes, he picks him up and goes for a Second City Stopper but stops just before he grabs him as he looks up at the entrance ramp, Wayne Morley and Air both come out with steel chairs in hand.

Tazz: ah oh, here we go.

MS: Morley and Air with some steel chairs? I think stuff is ganna go down!

Morley and Air run down towards the ring to a huge pop, they both slid into the ring and steel runs at them but Air quickly floors him with a steel chair. Morley does a spin followed by a huge jump before slamming the chair back down onto the back of Malik. Both the men have been layed out as Morley and Air drop the chairs, Tilli slowly goes to step into the ring but stares them both down

Tazz: Tensions rising here.

MS: I can feel the tension nearly radiate off them

Tilli goes to step into the ring but doesn't, instead he pulls away but as he does, Morley lunges forward and grabs him, he flips him over the top rope and into the ring. Tilli tries to get up but Morley holds him down. The ref tries to pull Morley away but Morley doesn't budge. The ref just calls for the bell.

TR: The result of this match is a double disqualification. Giving no winner.

The crowd boos but Morley and Air countinue. Air starts by laying fists into Tilli while Morley holds him back, they work him and down with punches, kicks and knees. Morley stands up as Air does. They both look at each other and grin. Air climbs back into the corner and cracks his neck, as Morley just waits for Tilli to get to his feet, slowly as Tilli finally reaches his feet, Morley runs in, kicks him in the gut and hits a huge Morleyplex, leaving him out of it on the ground.

Tazz: Why are they doing this?

MS: Clearly, to send a message. What they want to tell them is that the old NAW guys are here to take out the new breed of ICW guys.

Tazz: I dunno, I think that's a long shot but we'll see I guess.

Morley then walks over to Malik and Steel who are still out of it and kicks them around a bit while they wait for Tilli to get back up to his feet, as Tilli gets to his feet after a few minutes, Air runs in and hits a huge Air Head, cracking the side of his head with a huge kick, sending him straight back down to the ground. Air then stands up and looks around, they both look at Malik and Steel, then at each other and laugh. Air picks up Malik and Morley picks up steel and simultaneously, they both execute there finishes Morley with the Morleyplex and Air with the air head, sending them both down to the ground leaving three men on the floor of the ring totally out of it, as they leave the ring a few paramedics rush in to quickly check the three fallen superstars.

Tazz: This was a surprising but interesting ending to the match here.

MS: I find it quite odd to be honest, it's very odd.

Morley and Air exit the arena looking proud of themselves

-Commercial Break-

TR: The following contest is scheduled for One-fall.

"Unbreakable" by Fireflight plays on the P/A and the crowd pops like crazy as Athena enters the stage. She greets the fans as she decends down the ramp and climbs into the ring in a sexual way.

TR: Making her way to the ring, She is the ICW Womens Champion: Athena.

MS: Welcome back to Eruption and we're in for a treat. ICW's first womens competition.

Athena climbs upon the top turnbuckle and taunts to her adoring fans. She leans on a turnbuckle, waiting for opponent.

"Angel on my Shoulder" plays on the P/A and the fans pop even louder than Athena as a familiar face enters the stage, taunting to all the uglies in the arena.

TR: And her opponent, from Sydney, Australia: Talia Madison!

She runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. She taunts again to the crowd, teasing them. She looks at Athena and smiles. She talks to Athena. Although there is no audio due to the loud cheering, lip readers may catch Talia saying "This'll be fun, wrestling another beautiful person." She goes into her corner and awaits the referee to ring the bell.

The bell rings and Talia quickly charges towards Athena, but Athena trips her. Athena, showing no hesitation, locks in a Crossface. The ref asked Tallia if she wishes to submit, but Talia stubbornly refuses. Athena tightens her hold, but it allows Talia to retaliate and escape. Talia quickly to her feet - BIG BOOT! Talia wildly pulls Athena's hair and bashes her around. The ref attempts to pull her off, but Talia pushes the ref away, knocking him out. Talia continuously beats the living crap out of Athena until another ref comes out and removes Talia off, reminding her that she might get disqualified should he continue. Athena takes ths as an advantage and connects her own big boot. Cover.! Kickout, Athena pulls Talia to her feet, Irish Whip to the ropes - DOUBLE LARIAT! Both girls are down. The ref check on them for a second and begins a count.

8...Hold it! Athena drapes her arm for a cover. The other ref regains consciousness and sees Talia draping her arm for a cover.


Both refs call for the bell and then see each other and realized somethings wrong. Ref 1 says that Talia won, but Ref 2 says Athena won. Things get a little physical when Talia attack Athena. The refs pull them apart. Ref 1 holds Talia's arm up in victory, but ref 2 pulls it down and holds up Athena's arm up in victory. Both the refs and the women begin brawling on stage.

MS: Whoa! An all-out brawl just because they can't agree?

Tazz: I clearly saw both women scoring a oin. It's a draw!

Just then, "Left for Dead" play on the P/A and GM Tyler Brownlee comes in a fancy suit and mic.

TB: Hold on just a Goddamn minute. Restrain yourselves, all of you. Now, after reviewing the slo-mo replay, I announce that the winner of this of them. This is a draw.The crowd pops,knowing that their favorite won. Athena smirks but Talia doesn't seem too pleased. She storms out of the ring and storms backstage. Athena exits the ring and thanks the crowd as she heads backstage.

-Commercial Break-

"Hell Yeah" hits the P/A and a notice on the Tron showing Rev Theory's Album: Light it Up with the words "Hell Yeah" and OFFICIAL SLAMATHON THEME.

MS: Well, we would like to thank Rev Theory for their single "Hell Yeah". You can hear it off their album Light it Up in stores now.

TR: The following match is scheduled for one fall, if Zack Blaze's team win, Zack blaze will be crowned the NEW ICW CHampion! Introducing the challengers, Zack Blaze and Awesome Cobain

A remix of "What A Great Night" by Hilltop hoods and "Phenomenon" by Thousand Foot Krutch and Awesome Cobain and Zack Blaze both walk out looking me and ignoring all the fans who give them a very mixed reaction. Awesome cobain stares down some of the fans while Zack just walks straight into the ring. Cobain follows him but stands on the apron instead and they wait for their opponents.

TR: Introducing the champion and his mystery parter! Here is Leon Lonewolf.

"Maybe I'm a lion" by The Black Mages plays through the PA system and Leon Lonewolf walks out with a man behind him wearing a balaclava. Leon asks for a microphone on the ramp.

LL: Hello everybody, here is my mystery partner, but guess what? he's going to stay a mystery for a little while longer, because I don't want any of you people knowing my special secret!

Leon smiles and the music comes back on as they walk down to the ring, Leon steps into the ring while his partner goes around to the otherside and jumps on the apron.

The bell rings and Leon Lonewolf hooks up with Zack Blaze, they both try to power the other person down but they're very evenly matched and neither of them can beat the other, but after a minute of this, Zack breaks the hold and kicks Leon in the gut following it up with a quick neckbreaker, Zack stands up and hits a knee stomp onto the face of Leon who jumps around in pain. Zack then goes over to Awesome Cobain and stares him down right before tagging him in. cobain walks into the ring and gets down on his knees locking in a side headlock on Leon. He hits Leon in the face a few times with his fist and then puts all of body weight right onto the neck of Leon who tries to break the hold but is unsuccessful. So he realizes that he has to get to the ropes but before he moves his mystery partner runs in and hits and elbow drop onto the back of Awesome Cobain's head. Cobain releases the hold and clutches at his head in pain. Leon's Mystery Partner then leaves the ring and Leon tags him in. The mystery partner runs in and picks Awesome Cobain up to his feet grabbing him around the waist then throws him back down to the ground with a belly to belly supplex. Cobain tries to crawl towards Zack but the mystery partner just punches Cobain in the back of the head and laughs. Zack screams for Cobain to tag him in but he can't, the mystery partner then goes for a leg drop onto Cobain's lower back but Cobain rolls out of the way, stands up and floors him with a DDT all withing two seconds of each other. They both lie layed out and Cobain tries to tag in Zack and is successful while the mystery partner is lying down, Zack smiles and picks him and places him between his legs, he then does a front flip slamming the mystery man's head into the ground hitting a massive thousand volt impact leaving him knocked out, Leon rolls his eyes and starts to complain, Zack smiles and looks at Cobain who nods back at him, Zack then grabs the mask of the mystery man and rips it off to reveal Brownlee.

Tazz: It's Brownlee! The mystery man is Tyler Brownlee.

MS: Our General Manager as Lonewolf's partner? Awesome.

Zack then goes for the pin 1......... 2........ but Leon runs in and breaks the hold quickly exiting the ring after as Awesome Cobain runs in to take him out. Zack goes back to Brownlee and starts laying a few punches into his face, before picking him up and hitting a supplex on him, Zack then pulls him back up to his feet and floors him with a quick DDT. Leaving him lying in the centre of the ring, Zack then runs over to Leon and hits a jumping knee strike right on his jaw sending him flying out of the ring and hitting the barrier. Zack smiles then picks up Brownlee and floors him again with a thousand volt impact. He goes for another pin, 1........ 2........ but this time Awesome Cobain runs in and dropkicks Zack in the head. Knocking him out.

Tazz: What happened their?

MS: It seems Awesome Cobain has backstabbed Zack Blaze hitting a dropkick on him.

Tazz: He could have just got his team the match.

Awesome Cobain heads back into his corner while Zack and Brownlee slowly begin to move around on the ground, Cobain smiles as they both get back to their feet, they begin throwing punch for punch but Brownlee gains the upperhand and manages to hit an uppercut sending him down to the ground. He then jumps over to Leon and tags him in. Leon clibms into the ring and the first thing he does is run forward and hit a shin kick on the head of Zack leaving him unconcious. Leon looks at Cobain who has one leg now in the ring ready to run in, Leon doesn't go for the pin but waits for brownlee who runs at Cobain only for cobain to duck and make him fall out of the ring and whack his head on the steel steps leaving him unconcious. Cobain then looks at Leon and smiles, Leon doesn't go for the pin but stands up, Cobain takes his foot out of the ring and jumps off the apron, Leon then goes for a pin 1....... 2....... kick out from Zack. Leon gets off and stands up walking over to the other side of the ring and taunting to all the fans, Cobain then jumps into the ring and pulls Zack over to their corner and climbs out of the ring before tagging himself in, climbs into the ring and stares at Leon Lonewolf's back and waits, Leon turns around and Cobain then floors him with a huge destructor before going for a pin 1.............. 2................ 3..............! The ref rings.

TR: Here are your winners! and New ICW champion Zack Blaze and Awesome Cobain!

Awesome Cobain celebrates in the ring and grabs Zack by pulling him into the ring. He looks around at all the crowd and shows Zack's face to them all, he then punches him in the head a few times.

Tazz: What Awesome Cobain is doing here is just disgracful

MS: And to the new world champion!

Cobain then sets him up for the destructor and nails it before leaving the ring and walking backstage looking proud of himself, the fans all boo him as he leaves but he doesn't care. Leon Lonewolf and Zack Blaze lie in the middle of the ring both totally out of it. Brownlee requests a mic.

TB: Hold it. Stop! Knock it off or I'm stripping the title and firing both your candy asses! [The crowd pops] Now, judging by these actions, I decided to NOT put you 2 in the Tag Team Match, cause at Slamathon, it'll be Zack Blaze [boos] vs. Awesome Cobain [more boos] vs. Leon Lonewolf [huge pop] for the ICW a Triple Threat...Triple Cell Match!

HUMONGOUS pop from the fans. Blaze couldn't believe it. Cobain out of nowhere - DESTRUCTOR! Leon grabs Cobain - LIONHEART! Leon goes crazy as he climbs the turnbuckle. He gestures Brownlee to do the same. They taunt the crowd - DOUBLE SWANTON! The crowd is electrified as both Cobain and Blaze are down and out and Brownlee and Leon head backstage as the show ends.
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Saturday Night Eruption 3.2
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