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 That was just the start of it

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Wayne Morley

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PostSubject: That was just the start of it   Mon May 10, 2010 10:56 am

(Wayne is seen telling Air to get in the car and shoot off.Because Wayne will handled all the crap this end.there are all sort of people try to get a word with him)

Bet none of you people out there in t.v land thought you would see that happen tonight.What you saw out there was just the beginning of it all.See we left three of your so called superstar on the mat in a pool of there own blood.Now I bet you all asking yourself why me and Air would do a thing like that its.Because people round here are scary of doing business with us because we was with New Age Wrestling that why there left us of this weeks Eruption.There know that we would make statement on are first show here.So what did there do there sent us down the road to do autograph signing.I think you be getting a call saying there want there money back for that because we never made it there but you already know that.But the thing that really get to me is you could of stop all of this before it even begun you could of sat us down and telled us you want to keep us of T.V so you could think of how to use us.But no because of what you know about where we came from you thought you try and show us are place in this company.

Now lets get to are match at next week show against BurnOut & Max Burnz.Out of these two I know one of you don't I burnout see you got the same blood of New Age as we have.Hell you was even the last ever Extreme Champion there.But all this talk about the old times must be going round in Max.You got to tag with this guy but can you really trust him after all am the one that got him to sign a contact for Inferno Championship Wrestling.let just say if you go for a tag is he going to be there for you or is he going to leave you high & dry for us to finish you off.You Max are going to be the first victim of the New Age but you need not worry yourself like we did to them losers early tonight it be quick and painfully.

(Wayne mobile-phone goes off he answers it he can be heard saying its all going to plan for next week get your plane ticket booked
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That was just the start of it
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