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 A statement made.

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PostSubject: A statement made.   Thu May 13, 2010 1:08 am

<Air is sitting in his large arm chair inside a very classy looking office, he's looking at the camera with a cocky smile on his face.)

Air: A statement has been made, Wayne Morley and I made a huge statement on eruption 3.2. You all saw what we did, we came, cleaned the fricken house and left. I personally did my part, while Morley did his and now, we're heading towards the tag team titles, that's great isn't it? But before I get to head of myself, I need to remind all of you that, the old NAW blokes made a statement and showed the world that we mean business..... very, serious, business you all can see the extent of it and I hope that you're already to be swarmed by me and Morley because that's what's going to happen. I promise you.

<Air picks up a glass of scotch in front of him and takes a small sip.>

Air: Now moving on from the past and onto the future, like 3.3 eruption where Morley and I have a shot at the number one contenders spot for the tag team belts, which hopefully we will win and are NAW reign of glory will be proven, not just proven but literally thrown into the faces of every nah sayer and ever single person who thinks NAW is nothing. We are going to clean out this business and make it a top show. Make it greater than the old NAW and we're going to do that by reaching the top of the ladder and controlling people, controlling everything and everyone. It will be our greatest pleasure and I hope to see more of all of you.

<Air spins his chair around.>

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A statement made.
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