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 Carnage & Chaos

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PostSubject: Carnage & Chaos   Tue May 18, 2010 10:26 am

( Oblivion was seen leaving the gym and heading towards his car. A fully restored 67 impala colored blood red his favorite color. He tossed his gym bag in the passenger seat and turn to face the camera)

I can probably guess what the biggest question floating around ICW is right now. The entire ICW world is wondering "Why the hell would the higher ups sign this lunatic to the roster."

(He grinned)

Well it is true that I am guilty of being the one who tends to take things a step or two too far. What can I say? There is no greater thrill in this industry then not only winning a match. But also making sure the only way your opponent is leaving the ring is via a stretcher. Now I know what you chumps in the back are there. "Oh here comes another wanna be tough guy claiming he's going to dominate the industry." Well let me put your minds at rest and tell you that I'm far from a wanna be tough guy. But you'll all find that out soon enough. They say actions speak louder then words, so at this upcoming ppv my actions will speak volumes about what I'm truly about. But I have a question for the ICW management....Why? Why are you sending all these sheep to the slaughter? I would have been fine with making an example out of one these clowns. But you're giving me like eight or nine other Poor souls to claim in one single match.

(He shrugged)

I guess you're appealing to what the fans want. They want to see chaos and carnage spilled all over that ring. And that's what I intend to give them, I'm going to give them as well as the ICW management a show that they will never forget.

(He got into his car and left out of the gym parking lot)
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Carnage & Chaos
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