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 Battle Royale

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PostSubject: Battle Royale   Wed May 19, 2010 10:24 am

Draven is sitting at home and hears the news that he is in the Battle Royal For a Title Shot of there choosing as draven is repeating this out loud and to him self a great big huge smirk comes across his face then Draven Runs over to his computer and goes to the main site of the ICW and sees who is going against. Draven starts to laugh even harder cause all he sees is a bunch of nobody’s who has no talent at all. Only one or two in the Battle Royal might pose some challenge to him but draven isn’t worried about none of them.
Draven reaches down and turns off his computer. And he looks up at the camera
Draven looks into the camera you guys can sit here and say I have no talent or that I cant wrestle well to be honest with you guys only two people here in ICW really know what my ability is in wrestling I have wrestled with both several times. Awesome Cobain And Wayne Morley. I’m telling U Genocide, triple a, Haynes, sands Serikas, Undertaker, Logan, Burnz, burnout and last but not least oblivion. You guys will not and can not piss me off so don’t try. You guys can sit there and say that your gonna make me bleed, put me trough hell, blah blah blah you guys cant put me some where I have already put myself.

Has any one of you guys every been a world champion well I have and have any of you guys sit there and risked life and limb to make sure that you keep putting the best that you can I have so before you go off and running you mouth think of this before you do. Is this really something that I can really deal with I mean look at this why for you stupid people who call yourself wrestlers why should I show up and just get the shit kicked out of me if I cant even win the match.
Draven Leans back in his chair and puts his feet up on the computer desk.
Okay to get back on point here there can only be one winner of the Battle Royale and its not going to be anyone else besides me, and let me tell you the 3 reason why I’m going to win
Draven hold his hand and hold up one finger. The first thing is I’m A very well trained veteran of wrestling .

Draven is seen hold up two fingers now on to number two I say I can wrestle and by fucking god I have the evidence to prove it. Then draven points over to a display sitting hanging from his wall that has all his belts and shit that he has one over his wrestling career

Draven starts smiling and this one is my all time favorite one draven holds up three fingers I have been on top and consider the best of the best I have been world champion so I wont crack under the pressure or let my ego go from here to Hong Kong.
So just admit guys you can not compare to what I’m and what I can do
Draven starts laughing like a lunatic as the camera fades to black
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PostSubject: Re: Battle Royale   Wed May 19, 2010 3:43 pm

( Oblivion was sitting on his couch flipping through the channels. Until finally he came across Draven's promo. He watched on and listened intently to everything that he had to say. And once the promo was over he switched the TV off and dropped the remote on the couch.)

I was waiting for one of you to finally come out and start running your mouth. And finally one of you decide to grow some balls and speak out. Draven you're a cocky little prick aren't you? You think that just because you have this long title history that you mean something. Well let me set you straight right now, you're nothing but a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Now I may not have a long title history like you. I may not have been in the spot light as much as you either. But I'll tell you what I have a history in.

(He leaned forward and grabbed his beer from the coffee table. And then propped his legs up on top of the table.)

I have a history of seriously injuring people. Making them bleed, choking them out and so on. I've put a lot of champions and would be champions in their place over my lengthily career in this industry. And what makes you think that you're going to be any different from anyone I've faced in the past? The answer to that is that you are not. You are no different then all the other wanna be alpha males in this industry that I've taken down. Now you can consider all of this a big "tough guy" act if you wish. But when the battle royal is upon us. And you're in that ring face to face with me you will know what I'm all about. And you'll realize that the gap between us is miles apart.

(He took a sip from the beer bottle and took a few seconds to gather his thoughts.)

You want to know the major difference between me,you and everyone else going into this battle royal? Winning isn't that important to me, if I lose this battle royal so what. There will be other matches down the road. My goal here is to make an impact and put all of you clowns on notice. Oblivion is the biggest and baddest dog in this yard and I'll be here until I claim what is rightfully mine. And that is the ICW heavyweight championship. Draven I'd suggest you watch your back from now on. Because you never know who might be waiting for you just around the corner.

(He grinned and took another sip from his beer before standing up from the couch and walking away.)
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Battle Royale
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