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 We are New Age

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Wayne Morley

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PostSubject: We are New Age   Wed May 19, 2010 1:21 pm

(Wayne is in the gym doing his daily workout when he sees the ad for ICW Slamathon on the tvs)

Well this Sunday the all world is going to find out that New Age are here to stay.See this Sunday myself and Air will go in that ring and beat the team of Lethal Injection to a inch of there life's.But like this past week on Eruption I will give them a chance of lieing down and being pin or the good old fashion way of us beating them up.There people out there that think we are just passing thought here we these fools are wrong we are here to cause as much trouble as we can.And what better way then to hold the ICW Tag Team Championships.Now TJ Tilli & MC Steel i have not heard much from you since I got here so that leads me to think that you are somewhere thinking of the Destruction that will be giving to you this Sunday.

You two better be using this time you have to training hard or at lease writing your will.See this match you will have to ways to look up in the air for air or look me in the face for a beating you old man should have giving you at birth.this Sunday New Age walk out tag team champs and there nothing anyone can do about it.You got two choice live with it or come find us for the other choice.we be happy to help you.
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We are New Age
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