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 The Fizz's debut in ICW against Angelina Love. Eruption 4.1 match Promo.

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The Fizz

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PostSubject: The Fizz's debut in ICW against Angelina Love. Eruption 4.1 match Promo.   Thu May 27, 2010 5:06 pm

Prologue: Fizz's debut against Angelina Love.

Fizz was quite excited wrestling in a new promotion after a year wrestling in other promotions but this was a new experience for Fizz especially that she was going to be up against an TNA reject known as Angelina Love who used to be apart of The Beautiful People who Fizz thought they were bit of sluts in her words. She didn't seem that serious about wrestling as far as Fizz was concerned but she knew that Angelina had a lot more experience but Fizz has won more titles. She's won them all but the tag team titles which will come soon she hopes. Will she beat Angelina Love? Wait and see on Saturday night.

Scene 1: Showing the side of The Fizz. Fizz's house. California. Friday night at 11pm.

Fizz was sitting on her sofa in the living room relaxing. She had been training all day today for her upcoming match. She just had to laugh at herself wondering what the blue hell Angelina was on about on her being a vampire. She begins to speak.

The Fizz: Oh you make me laugh really Angelina. That's the most pathetic thing I ever heard. I am a normal human being dam it. You see no one knows anything about me. You see. I am the only wrestler in the whole entire world that's being sponsored by Monster Energy drinks. You see I drink a load of them to get me hyped to wrestle against anybody. I am in no way a vampire. I don't suck blood out of anybody. I drink Monster Energy drinks and it gets me focused for the upcoming match something I don't see you doing. You just enjoy talking so much trash that you will not last with me in the ring especially the comments that were made.

No one as ever called Fizz a vampire to what she was clearly not as she was a living breathing serious wrestler that comes first above everything else that there is to do around ICW especially. Really Fizz wasn't a happy girl at all at the things she got told. So pathetic and she begins to speak.

The Fizz: You see unlike you. I have achually won titles. You won tag titles but is that really it? I have won every title there is to name except the tag team titles and I can win more singles titles if I wanted something you just couldn't do when you were wrestling stupid little cow you are. Do I care about the way I look? No I don't cos that is unimportant. The way to win matches is to be fit for them not looks cos you can lose very quickly if you think that is important to you. That is fine but don't blame me if you lose against me because it is your fault if you don't look after yourself which seems you can't. Plus weren't you the one that plans to get a bloke? I can see you getting one if you care about looks too. I hope your relationship with that bloke doesn't last.

Fizz thinks she's the one that looks like a vampire and she looked ugly as fuck over anybody and she can out wrestle her in seconds and begins to speak again.

The Fizz: Just a shame you can't back up your bitchy mouth of your's stupid cow you are to me really. At least I done the impressive thing by winning all but one title around here. Something you need to work on for sure is your wrestling skills. I have seen you in the ring and you suck badly. You can't even wrestle an easy wrestler nor can you do your moves perfect on anybody not even a bit. HAHA you stupid bitch. You don't have skills nowhere against The Fizz that will be ranging at you. You are the one that looks like a vampire. If I was a lesbian or a bloke. The last woman on earth I would date is you so think about what you say in future.

Fizz drinks her Monster Energy drink until she drinks it all and opens another can of it and takes a sip of it before she begins to speak again on her sofa.

The Fizz: This is who I am but I am also a wrestler that is willing to do everything it takes to become the best in ICW especially on destroying you and become the greatest female wrestler that has lived in ICW and will forever rise to the top unlike you stupid cow. You will not get away on facing me in the ring because I am the strongest and most importantly the most serious wrestler out of us two. I train every single day and you haven't trained at all. Shows how weak you are to me and how unserious you are about wrestling. My life is about wrestling nothing else is important to me not even a bit.

Fizz drinks even more of her Monster Energy drink and she finishes that one and opens one more for tonight and takes a sip of it as she was lying on the sofa beginning to speak one more time.

The Fizz: Seriously girl. There are no other female wrestlers here as of yet so I don't know why you said the rest of the stanks. Last time I heard. I am not even interested in men at the moment because all I care about is wrestling and showing the fans and bosses of ICW what I can do in that ring as I will do my best and Angelina will lose to me because she sucks as much as the next person. That was the most pathetic promo I ever heard in my life. I thought someone else was bad but not as bad as this stupid girl. Listen to my words on what I am about to say next. Let's get fizzicle and your gonna get fizzed.

Fizz drank all of her Monster Energy drink and puts the three cans in the bin in her kitchen as she then goes upstairs to have a sleep and rest from her hard work of training to wrestle tomorrow night.
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PostSubject: Re: The Fizz's debut in ICW against Angelina Love. Eruption 4.1 match Promo.   Sat May 29, 2010 5:33 pm

(Not to be bad or anything but Angelina hasn't won tag-titles and there are 4 divas here...)
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The Fizz's debut in ICW against Angelina Love. Eruption 4.1 match Promo.
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