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Even through the darkest days, this fire burns...always
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 The Take Over Begins Soon

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Chrys Genocide

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PostSubject: The Take Over Begins Soon   Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:11 pm

Genocide is in a dark corner and it appears blood is dripping from his
head and it looks like he is just laying there lifeless and he turns to
the camera slowly with a smirk on his face~

you have gained one of the most tormented SOB's in the game. I've been
around the block for a while now and I have pretty much seen it all.
Then this new Federation opens and I decide to join because it looks
like it needs somebody like Genocide. It needs a true champion because
every person I see here lacks. Genocide will be your first World
Champion of ICW and everybody here knows it. You will bow down to the
Hardcore King of ICW. 21 Championships have been around my waist and I
plan to add more because I am truly phenomenal. How would you be able
to survive on the streets I grew up on? How could you survive without a
damn penny in your wallet I had to take care of myself and this is
exactly how I did it.

will prove myself for the twenty 2nd time that I am one of the best.
Nobody here looks like they have the potential of the Personification
of Extreme.

~Genocide gets up and begins walking closer to the camera and he says follow me~

see the blood all over this hallway? This is the only way I can let
some of the inner demons out of me. The blood represents alot and I
will let the inner demons inside of my opponents out by making them
suffer to the highest point then laying and then slamming them on a
pile of thumbtacks. This is the life of the great one Chrys Genocide I
will be your World Heavyweight Champion and I promise that. Now one
question to the ICW Are you ready?

puts his finger in some blood then he smears it on the wall and it
looks like he wrote "DIE" on the wall he smirks at the camera and does
his signature pose and the camera fades to black and you can hear
"evil" laughs in the Background.
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PostSubject: Re: The Take Over Begins Soon   Wed Feb 17, 2010 5:15 pm

Nice Promo. Might put you in the Main Event of our 1st PPV when we get enough guys
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The Take Over Begins Soon
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