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 Eruption results

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PostSubject: Eruption results   Mon May 31, 2010 10:24 pm

First match

The camera turns on and Eruption is now on the air
Thank you ladies and gentlemen for tuning in to Eruption this is matt striker joined alongside with taz
The first match for the night is Jerry Static Vs Fire Gizmo
The bell dings and now the match is underway
Static and Gizmo lock arms and there trying to see who is stronger jerry gets a fast advantage and arm drags gizmo. Gizmo shakes it off and charges Static gizmo gives static a spear. Gizmo goes for the cover 1..2. static kicks out jerry slides outside of the ring to gain his poster.
Stiker: tazz this is a hell of a start to start of eruption.
Tazz: this whole night I believe is going to be exciting back to the action
Gizmo runs and dives over the top rop to sucide dive on static static moves and gizmo slams into the announcer table. Jerry goes over and starts stomping gizmo in the ribsafter 5 good stomps jerry picks gizmo and slams him into the turnbuckle post shoulder first
Tazz: this could be the opening that Static Needs to put this match away.
As gizmo runs away Jerry grabs him and irish whips him into the post again. Static grabs him again and slams him head first into the announcer table, Then throws him under the ropes into the ring. Static slides under the ropes and grabs gizmo by the hair to pick him gizmo start throwing elbows into Static’s midsection. Static lets go of Gizmo Gizmo then runs into the ropes and gives static a flying forearm and knocks static down. Gizmo is getting fired up static stands up and is hit with an Ignition right to the jaw and levels static gizmo goes over and covers static 1..2.. static kicks out with just millimeters till 3 gizmo then picks up static and goes for fireblast and static counters it with his Static Bomb. They are both laid out in the middle of the ring.
Tazz: if the don’t get counted out for not getting up by the count of 10 the first one up im almost positive will be the one to win this match.
Striker: couldn’t agree with you more on that tazz this is still any ones match.
The refere starts his count1..2...3..4..5.. jerry is now rolled over on to his stomach and is slowly getting up. The ref is still counting 6..7.. static is now on his feet and gives Gizmo a cannonball that puts him back face first onto the mat.
Static locks in the Cattle Mutilation as soon as static locks it in gizmo starts tapping out
The winner of this match Jerry Static. And the new #1 contender for the destruction title
a scene back stage.
Alicia Stratus is standing back stage and is waiting her interview with DLK.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen we are about to have a few words with DLK wich is making is Eruption debut tonight against Wayne Morley and oblivion in a triple threat match. What are your thoughts on your match tonight with Morley and Oblivion.
Draven: Im not worried the match
AS: why aint you worried about it Draven
Dlk: You see Alica when someone worries about there match there gonna screw up and also that shows the about of experience I have because I have been world champion takes a special mind set that some people just don’t have it.

AS: I have herd you say a lot about you and Morley being friends in the past feds you have been in do you think that might effect the match in some way.

DLK: Alica I don’t really think it will that could just spell trouble for oblivion. Even though we haven’t always seen eye.

AS: One last question DLK do you think your getting to old to wrestle now with these young guys.

DLK: No I don’t think im to old im only 27 so I have plenty of life left in me. My experience more then makes up for my age.

Camera fades out from the interview. And goes back into the ring

The next match

Fizz vs Angelina love

The match starts with them standing in the middle of the ring the bell rings and the match is underway the fiz charges at love and delivers a forearm smash to her jaw. Knocking love to mat fiz is on top of love throwing fast and furious forearms into loves face the ref grabs fizz and pulls her off love. As love is getting up fizz throws her back down to the mat and punches love in the face and love is back down on the mat.

Tazz: Oh my god Fizz has gone for the juggler vein in this match this match is getting real intense with the fizz being in complete control.

Striker: Your right tazz and who ever says women wrestling is boring this match already has surpassed Gizmo and statics match.

Tazz: cant agree with you more.

Fizz grabs loves head and lifts her up and grabs her and gives her a belly to back suplex. Love is again on the mat

Striker: oh my god she has spent more time on the mat then on her feet in this match I hope it doesn’t stay the way.

Fizz goes and grabs love and goes to giver a power bomb as the fiz goes to slam her Love counters it with a tilt a whirl Headscissors takedown. Now the tide has changed in this match in a instant. Fizz is now on the mat Angelina love picks up fizz and throws her into the corner where love runs and does a big splash. Love takes a chance and climbs the turnbuckle and delivers a huge missle drop that sends fizz clear across the ring love is sitting at the turnbuckle waiting for fizz to get up as fizz is slowly getting up love runs towards her and spears her. Love hooks the leg and goes for the pin 1..2 and fizz kicks outs of the pin. As they are getting up fizz and love start punching each other. Love quickly gets the upper hand and irish whips her into the ropes and meets fizz with a clothesline. Love picks up Fizz and delivers a DDT then goes for the cover 1..2.. fizz gets the shoulder up just in time. Love starts to argue with the ref. Which gives fizz time to get on her feet. She grabs love and turns her around then slaps her in the face. Then Fizz delivers her own ddt. And plants her head into the mat and fizz covers l.ove 1..2. love gets her shoulder up. Now frustration is now settling in on fizz as well out of anger fizz picks up love to deliver a power love holds on to fizz and moves her legs and slams her shins into Fizzs throat. That knocks the fizz out cold love goes over and covers her 1..2..3

The winner of the match Angelina Love

Striker: Oh my god what the hell talking about quick reversal finish I thought the fizz had her in this match.

Tazz: Now on to the next match there striker this so far has been one hell of a show.

Striker: I know this next I believe is even gonna be more exciting then the rest because now DLK and Oblivion will be able to get there hands on each other with Morley being the wild card in this match lets get to the ring and see what happens.

The following match is a triple threat match
DLK vs. wayne Morley vs Oblivion
The bell rings and the match is underway

the match starts with DLK and oblivion running for each other and oblivion goes lower and hits DLK with a spear. Oblivion starts stomping on DLK. While Oblivion is stomping on DLK Morley comes over and delivers a great drop kick that knocks oblivion through the ropes and on to the floor. Morley sits on draven and starts punching draven in face. The Cowboy from hell is unleashing some furry on DLK the ref grabs morely and pushes him off. DLK then slides out of the ring on to the floor and morley is standing alone in the ring for the moment while morley is yelling at DLK oblivion sneaks up behind him and gives morely a german suplex. Oblivion grabs morley by his trunks and puts morley on his feet grabs morely and gjves give a ddt that plants his head into the mat. As oblivion goes to pick up morley again DLK runs and slams his forearm into oblivions back wich makes oblivion fall onto morely in a nasty way. Draven then sees a chance goes and jumps on the top turn buckle and gives him a frog splash DLK hurts him self plus the other two. All three men in this match are now down on the mat Draven and oblivion are slowly getting up DLK is the first one on his feet DLK runs over to oblivion and punts him in the head and knocks oblivion on his back.

T: That punt to the head might have just knocked out oblivion his eyes look gazed over.

MS: Your right tazz it looks like Oblivion is out in lala land

Dlk then looks down at wayne and helps him up goes over and delivers a snap suplex that makes morleys back slam into oblivions midsection.

Tazz: now that’s killing two birds with one stone there. To think of that as fast as he did that shows a lot experience on his part.

Dlk gets back and he goes and picks up oblivion and throws oblivion over the top rope Dlk then goes over to morley and starts kicking him in his stomach morley grabs dlks foot and trips him and makes him fall to the mat morley then gets up on his feet and starts stomping on DLK. Oblivion then slides in under the ring and he joins morley on kicking draven. Morely and oblivion then relize that there working together and they start kicking each other. Morley grabs oblivion and gives him a ddt and then he covers him 1…2.. oblivion kicks out morley punches the mat in frustration as morely is getting up draven drop kicks morely in the face. Dlk goes for the pin 1..2.. oblivion breaks the pin attempt just in time. Oblivion picks up Dlk and goes for the wicked end draven counters and pushes oblivion into morley who gives oblivion the morelyplex and the ref starts counting 1..2.. dlk breaks the count by stomping morley in the stomach as morley is getting up draven moves and morley slams his shoulder into the corner middle turnbuckle. Oblivion then slides in and try to hit The Wicked End and dlk moves and morely is the one hit with it instead now morley is out cold. And DLK grabs oblivion and gives him the death note draven pins oblivion 1..2...3

The Winner of the match Draven Logan Kennedy

Tazz: Oh my god this so far has been a great eruption I think this eruption has been nothing but eruptions right now this place is like a volcano and the roof is about to blow. I hope the main event tonight lives up to what we have seen tonight.

Ladies and gentleman now on to the main event for tonight

Leon Lonewolf vs The hidden spark Zack Blaze

Blaze And Lonewolf start by going nose to nose and they are yelling at each other blaze throws a punch right in lonewolfs mouth blaze runs at lonewolf and clotheslines him which sends him to the mat. He goes to continue his assault but lonewolf kicks him to let himself up on his feet lonewolf grabs blazes arms and hits him with firey heart. Blaze is screamin now in pain from his back. Lonewolf runs and does a baseball slide to his back. Lone wolf rolls him on his belly and grabs him by his chin and sits down on his back and pulls up on his chin the ref starts counting 1..2..3..4.. lonewolf breaks the hold blaze is now back on his feet blaze kicks lone wolf in the stomach and grabs lonewolf and gives him a neckbreaker. As lonewolf is on the mat blaze climbs the ropes and gives lonewolf a huge frogsplash and blaze pins him 1..2.. lonewolf kicks out now lonewolf is pissed off lonewolf grabs blaze and hits him with lionheart instead of pinning him lonewolf hits him again with another lionheart. Lonewolf pins him 1...2...3

winner of the match Leon LoneWolf
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Eruption results
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