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 Wayne Morley im calling you out...

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PostSubject: Wayne Morley im calling you out...   Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:46 pm

(Zer0 is seen watching the end of saturday night eruption in his recliner in his apartment)

So wayne it looks you couldent prevail over those monsters,OUCH!! I bet your wondering who i am,well im the newest edition to icw roster.I have been called many things in my career:the giant killer,the biggest little man,the maverick.What they will be calling me is the new icw champion when i get a shot at the title,and i will get a shot at the icw title.And ill do it by....BEATING YOU WAYNE MORLEY.And when i do beat you,promise me you wont cry too much because im going to prove to you that big things come in small packages.NOW SHOO GET OUT OF MY HOUSE CAMERA DUDES.

(Zer0 than starts laughing as the camera man leave his property )
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Wayne Morley im calling you out...
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