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 "Just keep her to our side of the ring, 'kay?"

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PostSubject: "Just keep her to our side of the ring, 'kay?"   Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:38 pm

The scene opens up to a purple locker-room, covered in pictures of Talia Madison and Angelina Love. The camera then proceeds to move over to Talia Madison, who is applying make-up in front of two mirrors. Talia is sporting a grey t-shirt with black short-shorts and grey boots. We hear a shower in the background come to a stop.

Talia Madison | The Lovely Lady
“Angie, you need to get ready! Our match is in around fifteen minutes!”

Angelina Love | The Beautiful Person
“Yeah, yeah, Tal, hold on!”

Angelina opens the wooden door beside Talia and steps out, wearing a towel around her body and head. She winks at the camera and then leans on the door.

Talia Madison | The Lovely Lady
“We’re taking on this giant-shemale named Athena and that monster you beat-down last week!”

Angelina Love | The Beautiful Person
“Alright, well all we have to do is make sure Monster doesn’t tag in the Giant, just keep her to our side of the ring, ‘kay Tal?”

Angelina drops her towel and walks away immediately, meaning the camera saw nothing. The fans still cheer and whistle. Talia sighs and turns back to the mirror, admiring her hair.

Talia Madison | The Lovely Lady
“Gotcha and hurry up!”

The camera fades to black with a pink graphic appearing saying “The Beautiful People debut... Tonight!”
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"Just keep her to our side of the ring, 'kay?"
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