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 Saturday Night Eruption 4.1

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Eruption 4.1   Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:24 am

The first match sees ICW Champion Zack Blaze vs. Leon Lonewolf. Both men are badly beaten from the Triple Cell Match at Slamathon, but Lonewolf was able to pick up the win. After the match, Leon challenges Blaze to a All or Nothing Iron Man Match. Winner gets the title. Loser gets no Rematch Clause.

Next up is The Fizz vs. Angelina Love. Both are debuting and start off, but Talia Madison interfered without the referee noticing, allowing Love to score the win.

The third match is Oblivion vs. Draven Logan Kennedy vs.Wayne Morley with Air at ringside. Oblivion got ticked off after numerous near-falls and whacks DLK with a steel chair, disqualifying himself and naming DLK the winner. Oblivion continues the assault and GM Brownlee comes out and strips Oblivion of the briefcase and fires him. DLK vs. Morley next week for the briefcase in a Ladder Match.

The Main Event is Fire Gizmo vs. Jerry Static for #1 Contendership for the Destruction Championship. Gizmo dominated the match, even hit his finisher, but Static won via Roll-Up. He will face TJ Tilli next week.


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Saturday Night Eruption 4.1
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