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 Saturday Night Eruption 4.2

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Eruption 4.2   Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:47 pm

Red and White fireworks ignite over the stage of the Eruption Shelter in Bloomington, Minnesota as "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage hits the P/A. Men and Women alike are on the edge of their seats as they hold up everything a hardcore fan brings. from replica belts to DLK masks to homemade signs that have phrases such as "DJ Tilli", "Air Morley", "Blaze Sizzles Away" and "Static: Not So Shocking." We move to the commentators table with Matt Striker and Tazz, and they looked hyped about tonight.

MS: Hello, ladies and gentlmen. Welcome to ICW's Saturday Night Eruption. Matt Striker alongside Tazz here in the Eruption Shelter and boy do we have a night for you.

Tazz: Tonight can be described as Pay-Per-View-quality. What a Main event we have for you, tonight. Leon Lonewolf takes on Zack Blaze one last time in a All or Nothing Iron Man Match. The winner becomes the ICW Champion. The loser must agree never to challenge for the title as long as the other holds the title.

MS: Jerry Static will face TJ Tilli for the Destruction Championship. After defeatng Fire Gizmo, can Static claim gold?

Tazz: Oblivion competes against Draven Logan Kennedy and Wayne Morley as well. Can the Breifcase Holder claim a victory tonight?

MS: But first, we got female action

Tazz: Makes me wanna join in

MS: Best you dont.

The Fizz is already in the ring, awaiting her tag-team partner: Athena! "Unbreakable" by Fireflight hits the P/A and Athena enters the stage with HUGE pop. She poses to the crowd and colourful pink and black smoke shoots up from behind her. She high fives the crowd, even gives kisses to a few lucky guys on the cheek, as she descends down the ramp.

Alicia Stratus: And her tag team partner: from Parts Unknown: Athena!

Athena climbs up the apron and crawls under the bottom rope. She climbs up the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd, prompting them to cheer even louder. She jumps off the turnbuckle and moves to the centre of the ring. She greets The Fizz as she retreats to her corner.
Dale Oliver's "Girlfriend" hits the P.A system and the fans begin to cheer and boo. Talia Madison, alongside Angelina Love appear from behind the curtain. Angelina raises her arms up into the air and allows the fans to embrace her beauty. Talia, on the other hand, leans over and slides her hands down her legs. The two then trot to the ring, looking at the fans like an unimpressed child at the zoo. Angelina skips up the steps and walks to the middle of the apron. She steps through the middle rope, wiggling her bottom in sequence. Now in the ring, she spreads her legs and arms. Talia sits up on the apron and slides through Angelina’s legs. The two then go to the turnbuckles and taunt one last time.
The two teams go to their assigned corners and Angelina steps out onto the apron, as does Athena. Talia taunts The Fizz and starts to make faces at her. The Fizz doesn’t take this, and charges at Talia, hitting her with a spear. The Fizz then drags Talia, by her foot, to the middle of the ring.
The Fizz slams an elbow into Talia’s chest and then another. As Talia stands up, The Fizz grabs her hair and slams her back into the mat. Talia makes her way to the bottom rope, where she helps herself up. The Fizz comes running at her again but this time Talia is ready. She grabs The Fizz by her shoulders and whips her into corner. She then lifts her leg up to The Fizz’s neck, choking her. The ref’s count reaches 4 before Talia stops. As Fizz falls to the mat, Talia climbs the top-rope. Fizz stands up and has her hair grabbed by Talia. Talia then spins and leaps off the top rope, slamming Fizz’s face into the mat. The fans cheer as Talia’s spinning facebuster connects perfectly. Talia goes for the pin.
Fizz gets her hand onto the bottom rope. Talia stands up and turns to the ref. She begins to scream at him and throw a tantrum. Fizz takes advantage and gets Talia into a full-nelson. She then moves towards Athena and slams Talia into the mat with a Full-Nelson facebuster. The Fizz tags in Athena. The champion steps through the ropes and lays half a dozen punches to Talia. As Talia gets to her knees, Athena smashes her across the ring a European uppercut! Talia crashes into the middle of the ring and immediately crawls to Angelina and tags her in. Angelina hops into the ring and instantly locks up with Athena. Athena takes advantage and manages to lift Angelina up and hit her with a backbreaker. Angelina re-coops quickly and stands up, but is only knocked down again by roundhouse kick. Angelina slides out of the ring and leans over, taking a deep breath. Athena leans through the middle rope and bends over, grabbing Angelina by her hair. As the ref focuses on The Fizz, Talia kicks Athena in the back, causing her to fall back into the ring. Angelina quickly gets into the ring and begins to kick Athena repeatedly. Angelina then stands on Athena’s hair and pulls her arms, making her scream. She then stands Athena up and knees her in the stomach. Athena is then hit with a strong shoulder jaw breaker. She falls to the mat, holding her jaw. Fizz leans over the middle rope, reaching her hand out for Athena to tag. Angelina charges at Fizz and tries to knock her off the apron but Fizz counters with a right-hand to the face of Angelina.
Angelina falls over, clutching her cheek. As she stands up, Athena is already charging at her. Angelina bunny hops over her and then hits her with a neckbreaker. Angelina goes for the pin.
Athena kicks out easily, throwing Angelina off of her. As the two get to their feet, Angelina hits Athena with her finisher, the Botox Injection. Athena simply falls back into her corner and Fizz tags herself in. She steps into the ring and locks up with Angelina. The Fizz gets advantage, hitting her with a suplex. As the referee checks up on Athena, who seems dazed, Angelina hits Fizz with a low blow. Then she crawls and tags in Talia. Talia steps through the ropes and goes for the pin.
The Fizz’s leg reaches the rope this time. Talia stands The Fizz up and then throws her onto the rope. The Fizz is hung up and looks almost unconscious. Talia instantly goes for the roll-up.
“Here are your winners: Talia Madison & Angelina Love, The Beautiful People!”
Angelina gets into the ring and hugs her partner. The two jump with joy as the referee raises their arms. Athena helps The Fizz up and they nod their heads in disgust.
As the winners celebrate; a stunning blonde runs to the ring and dropkicks Angelina in the back. She then grabs Angelina by the hair and throws her out of the ring. Talia then charges at the blonde but she misses her clothesline and ends up being body slammed into the mat. Talia then rolls out of the ring to Angelina. The Fizz and Athena look at the blonde in awe. She charges at them but The Fizz manages to move out of the way. The blonde hits a very strong clothesline to Athena, who falls out to the apron. The Fizz yells at the blonde and she turns around. She charges at the Fizz and hits her with a stunning Tornado-DDT, executed perfectly. The Fizz rolls out of the ring. The mysterious blonde then hits Athena with a baseball slide, causing her to hit her head off the apron and fall to the ground. A camera-man then hands the blonde a microphone.
Kelsey Love: “Did you guys just see that? Did you see how I put down four of ICW’s top hags? I mean, they just got owned! Now, I bet you’re all wondering who I am and why I man-handled your beloved divas? It’s because I’m Kelsey Ryan and I’m ICW’s newest and prettiest diva and I needed a way to get my message across! A simple promo can’t secure everyone’s attention, I had to do this! And if any-”
Kelsey Ryan is knocked to the mat by Angelina Love who begins to punch her. Kelsey simply kicks her off and hits her in the head with the microphone. Angelina once again rolls out of the ring, holding her head. Kelsey grins and drops the microphone as “Heidi Montag – Fanatic” hits the P.A system. Kelsey steps out of the ring and walks up the ramp. She looks back and presses her index finger off her lips before moving it to her bottom. The scene fades to black with the four ICW divas laid out around the ring and floor.

-Commercial Break-

Tazz: now the match that could decide that fate of any icw championship This is s ladder match for the contract originally won by oblivion who was striped of it, And this is a ladder match

Draven and Morley Start the match off my exchanging words and then morley shoves draven into the ropes and draven as draven coming off the ropes he hits Wayne With a huge clothesline draven slides out under the ropes and grabs the ladder. And slides the ladder under the ropes into the ring as the ladder is slide into the ring morely jumps and grabs the tope rope and then he kicks draven in the face as he is sliding the ladder in. Morley grabs the ladder and sits the ladder he is starting to climb the ladder.

Tazz: if draven isn’t fast enough this match could be over really fast. And he could lose the chance to gain the spot light of being number one contender

MS: I know that these two are very season vets of wrestling and what draven said is more then enough proof tazz most of morleys gold is tag team not really a whole lot of singles and then switch it around for draven though he has more gold in singles then in tag all lets get back to the action

Draven is getting up and sees that morley is climbing the ladder draven runs and jumps up on to the apron the gets on the top rope and missle drop kicks the ladder down with morely on it. Draven then runs over and delivers a running elbow drop on morely. Draven Grabs the ladder and starts hitting morely with the ladder in the stomach.

Tazz: Oh god is this one gonna be another blood bath we already had one I don’t think we need another.
Draven drops the ladder and is now throwing punches at Morley. Morley rakes dravens eyes. Dravens on his knees covering his eyes. Morley then grabs the ladder and slams the ladder into dravens head laying him out. Morley puts the ladder down and grabs draven and puts him on top of the ladder. Morely then climbs the top turnbuckle and hits draven with a huge splash while he is on top of the ladder. Draven is then kicked to the outside of the ring. Morely grabs draven and irish whips him into the steps. Then morley slams dravens arms into the post.

Tazz; this is the experience kicking in now morely knows if you take out there arms they cant climb the ladder smart move on morleys part

MS: That is but draven is also a very seasoned in his wrestling ability you know he has a plan lets see if he can do it.

Tazz: Also lets see if morely can capitalize on this golden chance.

While draven is holding his shoulder morely goes to grab him and draven pushes morelys head into the post. Now wayne ha s a gash in his head. Morleys pissed now he doesn’t liked being busted open morley goes and grabs a chair amd swings its and draven wich puts him down on the outside mat and morely is now busting draven in the
head with the ladder after 7 good shots to the head draven has been busted open. Morley goes to hit him again and draven kicks the chair back into morely wich gives him the chance to get up on his feet. Draven slides under the ropes and gets back into the ring draven picks up the ladder and goes to sit it up and morley is now in the ring

Tazz: theres blood every where in this match

MS: Thers is always blood involved when a championship is at stake.

Now morley and draven lock arms morley then morley puts draven in a sleeper hold

Tazz: Hw is almost out of it if wayne gets draven to sleep then wayne can grab that contract with ease

MS: Don’t count out draven yet tazz he has the heart of a champion for sure

As draven is down on one knee he slowly gets up he is fighting it and slams morely with the death note now morley and DLK is out of it with the ladder laying in between them.

MS: the first one up could be the winner

Tazz: you said it could be but this is unpredictable you as well as I know that.

They both are getting up at the same time morley is first to gain complete controll goes to hit the morelyplex Draven counters it with a death dote now morley is out cold
Draven picks up the ladder and sits it up in the middle of the ring and starts climbing the ladder he gets to the top and and pulls down the contract.

Winner: DLK

Tazz: that was one hell of a match I thought morley had it won for sure but Draven did what matt stiker said he pulled out the stops when it was needed

MS: I told you tazz Draven has the heart of a champion and that was why he won this match because he has that heart.

-Commercial Break-

The match starts and tilli grabs static by the head and gives him a DDT that flattens him as Static is laying on his back till goes under the ring and grabs a weapon Tilli grabs a stop sign and the crowd goes wild.
Tazz: Striker he has a stop do you have any idea what kind of damage can be done with that sign.
MS: no I don’t and to be honest I really don’t want to find out either
Tazz: what’ wrong Striker afraid of a little bit of pain or even bleeding

Tilli slides in under the ropes with the stop sign in his hand static starts getting up and he meets the stop sign after a wild swing across the head and static is back on the mat again tilli goes and slides under the ring and he pulls out a ball bat tied up in barb wire

Tazz: I think this is about to get bloody

MS: I do agree tazz this is gonna be a blood bath now we have all seen the carnage involved with that batt.

After tilli pulls the batt out static runs and baseball slides tilli in the face and is trying to rip the bat out of his hands tilli kicks static in the stomach that pushes his back against the ring and tilli is up with the bat in his and swings and hit static right in the face which cuts him up open and now static is covered in blood and now static is laid out cold on the mat outside of the ring.

Tazz: that was fast busting open

While static is laying on the matt’s outside Tilli starts taking that bat and going for that open wound he left on static Tilli Hit him in the face 42 times

Tazz: Oh my god static just took 42 shots to the head I hop e tilli ends this match quick or static could be done for good.

Tilli picks up static and goes and slams his head into the steps now he slams his head 20 times now

Tazz: I think he might have a concusion now not only is he gonna go get stitches

Tilli grabs static and throws him into the ring and cocky pins him 1..2..3

Winner: TJ Tilli

-Commercial Break-

(I'm sorry, but I do not have time to write the Iron Man Match. Leon Lonewolf def. Zack Blaze. The score is as follows.
*Leon is DQ'd after hitting with a Steel Chair @ 5:00 [0-1]
*Leon hits a Lionheart @ 7:24 [1-1]
*Leon Locks in the Wolven Assault, forcing Blaze to tap @ 7:30 [2-1]
*Blaze hits The Thousand Volt Impact @ 12:32 [2-2]
*Blaze hits a Frog Splash after a Hurricanrana @ 23:21 [3-3]
*Leon plays possum after Blaze hit The Thousand Volt Impact @ 29:55 [4-3]

Winner (and NEW ICW Champion): Leon Lonewolf.


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Saturday Night Eruption 4.2
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