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 The warning

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PostSubject: The warning    Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:02 pm

Dlk is on his Droid phone checking his email while he is at a waffle house waiting for his food he just ordered and sees an email from ICW he is in a huge main event that requires him do defend his title and possibly win another title the destruction title draven starts laughing people start staring at him so I have to defend my title and get a chance to take the destruction title from tilli wow this is going to be fun he looks and sees who’s in the match with him Leon, tilli, and Wayne Morley. The only one Draven can even say something about is Wayne so wayne is getting another shot at me now huh now that im world heavyweight champion hahahaha that’s so funny wayne I have already proven to everyone that your not in my league never have and never will be. So I know this is gonna be fun then I have leon Lonewolf to leon I was the one who took this title from you and now you think your life is incomplete without don’t you well your right leon a man who wrestles for a living life is not compelte with the world heavyweight championship and tilli just to warn you know im not jerry static I do know somethings about wrestling and hardcore is my game The more I bleed the fun im having plain and simple but what you guys needs to know is that no matter what im gonna be the one to come out the winner and be a dual champion and theres nothing that no one can say or do because im the best of the icw and when we merge ICW needs to be represented the right way and that’s by some one who can take a stand and show the world that icw was not a push over and that the real deal is here you all are jokes I think my left pinky finger can wrestler better then 2 of ya and the third im not sure of but one things for certain im not going to lose to you fucking clowns ever.
Camera fades as a huge double cheese burger is brought to dlks table
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The warning
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