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 this is make or break for me

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Wayne Morley

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PostSubject: this is make or break for me   Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:13 pm

(Wayne Morley is seen getting out of is Jeep and walking in to the arena.he is not looking his normally self)

Right am going to get straight to the point here.As you all know I am in the fatal 4 way for the world title.Well the last couple of weeks I been think about my future in this sport.I been doing this for more years then I care to remember and there's always one title that I have never been able to get and that the world title.So at this monument in time am thinking that if don't get the one two three then am going to walk away from this sport for good and i mean no comeback or one off.

But if you three think am not going in to this match with it not 100% in my mind see i know i can beat anyone of you three.but am also going out there to hurt a couple of you because i have had to watch you walk round this place like you own it.Draven i still cant believe that you came up to me in the back and try to tell me that i was not cutting it.Who gives you the right to say that to me i was fight in the main event of other feds when you was putting the rings may be for the last time but u punk draven are going to see the Morley of old and the bosses wont do anything because when am pissed it means ratings

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Jason Hawk

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PostSubject: Re: this is make or break for me   Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:56 am

And you said there is nothing good about NLWF! You still use the sig BC made !
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this is make or break for me
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