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 ICW Summertime Smash

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PostSubject: ICW Summertime Smash   Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:20 pm

TR: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome rising star and former professional wrestler: Maria Kanellis!

The surprisingly huge crowd gave a HUGE standing ovation as former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis waves to the crowd and takes a deep breath.

MK: O! say can you see by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming.
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The crowd gave another huge pop as Maria concluded the American National Anthem and heads backstage. A pre-show promo plays on the Titantron.

You can never feel it until it happens to you...

A clip of a devistated Leon Lonewolf after losing the ICW Championship is shown.

You can never see it coming until it hits you...

A clip is shown of Wayne Morley after losing to Draven Logan Kennedy for the Briefcase.

Now...the time has come.

the promo now plays clips of memoriable ICW moments.

After five grueling, devistating, blood-soaking months of bone-breaking, Momentum-Splitting, Hell-raising entertainment, the time has make the volcano dormant...forever.

And now...Inferno Championship Wrestling presents: Summertime Smash.

A barrage of red, white, and blue fireworks ignite all around the arena as "Tears Don't Fall" by Bullet for My Valentine, the show's theme song, hits the P/A. Men, women, and young teens alike are on their feet as the pyro dies off. The camera pans to several different angles of the crowd. Many are holding signs such as "WAYNE MORLEY: NEW ICW CHAMPION," "THE TRUE LONE WOLF," "LETHAL INJECTION OF POISON" and "JOBBERS UNITE!" all around the arena. The camera now pans to the ICW Commentators.

MS: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to ICW's Summertime Smash. We are live in the sold-out Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan! I'm Matt Striker alongside my broadcast partner Tazz. And boy, do we have a show for you all tonight.

Tazz: Indeed, Matt. This show could even beat our previous pay-per-view Slamathon. With 9 matches and a huge announcement, I wouldn't be surprised.

MS: We have several cross-promotional matches,including ICW vs.TWF, NLWF vs.SCW and even ICW vs.YCW!

Tazz: We have all 4 titles on the line tonight and a HUGE Main Event.

MS: You're correct, my good friend. Draven Logan Kennedy will put his ICW World Championship on the line against Wayne Morley, Leon Lonewolf and the Destruction Champion TJ Tilli. And BOTH titles are on the line.

Tazz: And the match will not end until both titles have been either retained or changed hands. Both can retain, Both can change hands, or 1 can retain and the other change hands.

MS: And did we mention that this Main Event is under No Holds Barred.

Tazz: Last week, there was a Beat The Clock Challenge. Lonewolf wanted an Inferno Match, Tilli wanted a TLC Match,Morley wanted a Steel Cage Match. But no. The current champion won the challenge and chose a No Holds Barred Match.

MS: I can tell you this: No one will walk out unscathed.

TR: The following contest is a Cross-Promotional Match scheduled for one fall.

"One of a Kind" hits the P/A and Bobby Hendrix enters the stage with little to no reaction. He taunts the crowd as he runs down the ramp.

TR: Introducing first, representing Inferno Championship Wrestling, weighing in at 245 lbs: Bobby Hendrix!

Hendrix slides into the ringand taunts the crowd once again and leans on a turnbuckle, awaiting his opponent.

"Click Click Boom" by Saliva hits the P/A and TLK enters in decent pop. He taunts the crowd as he walks down the ramp.

TR: And his opponent, representing Tilli Wrestling Federation, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, weighing in at 225 lbs: T...L...K!

TLK climbs up into the ringand taunts the crowd. He gets into Hendrix's face and taunts him. He steps back, waiting to start


Tazz: Here we go! the first Cross-Promotional Match is underway.

MS: These matches were announced on and are sure to me rememberable.

TLK and Hendrix stare down. Hendrix taunts in front of TLK like TLK did to him - TLKO! OUT OF NOWHERE! Cover!





TR: Here's your winner: T...L...K!

MS: Wow...that was fast.

Tazz. Hendrix didn't see it coming. He wasted too much time to make a move and TLK decided to take that first move for himerlf. And that gave him the victory.

TLK Celebrates his victory as he goes backstage. Hendrix rolls out of the ring and slowly follows.

MS; Well, with that match over with, let's get to the next one, shall we?

Tazz: I agree.

"Act a Fool" by Lil' Jon hits the P/A and Malik Logan dances towards the stage with no reaction as well. He begins dancing down the ramp with the song.

TR: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first, from Worchester, Massachucsetts, weighing in at 230 lb, he is The Hitman: Malik Logan.

Tazz: Another nobody here in the ICW who shouldn't even be here.

MS: I agree, but this was Brownlee's decision and not ours.

Logan dances up the steps into the ring. He taunts the crowd and awaits his opponent.

"You Make Me Feel so Dead" by Pitbull Daycare plays and Max Burnz enters the stage, taunting the crowd with a smirk on his face. The crowd aint buying it at all and give him no reaction at all.

TR: And his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 210 lbs, he is The One Man Show: Max Burnz!

Burnz climbs into the ring and taunts again. He points at Logan and smirks. He taunts Logan by mocking his dancing, and that triggered Logan to snap and attacked Burnz


Logan begins whailing on Burnz towards the ropes. Logan winds up and connects a Clothesline and sends Burnz over the ropes and onto the floor. Logan rebounds off the other set of ropes - SUICIDE DIVE! What impact! The ref checks both men and re-enters the ring for a count.

1... Both men stir

2...Logan comes to his feet and pulls Burnz to his.

3...Burnz counters Logan and hits a DDT.

4...Burnz sits on Logan's back and unleashes a barrages of punches. to the skull.


6...Burnz stands up and pulls Logan to his feet.

7...Burnz taunts the crowd and sets up Logan

8...DEAD PRESSURE-WAIT! Logan counters-STRAIGHT FROM WORTOWN! Both men are down!




TR: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has ended in a Double Countout.

MS: Well, that was a waste of time as well.

Tazz: Better than the last match, but I agree. These guys deserve to be fired!

EMT's rush out to help Logan and Burnz. They set both men up in stretchers and sent them away.

MS: Good riddence.TR: The following contest is a Hardcore Match scheduled for one-fall.

"Pushing the Limits " by Enigma plays and Xavier Serikaz enters in plenty of heat. For once someone comes out in DECENT reaction. He scolls the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp/

TR: Introducing first, from St. Paul, Minnespta, weighing in at 220 lbs, he is The Enigma: Xavier Serikaz!

Serikaz climbs up the apron and into the ring. He jumps on the opposite turnbuckle and taunts the crowd. He jumps down and climbs on another and taunts again. He jumps down the turnbuckle and awaits his opponent.

"Phenomenon" by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the P/A and out comes The Hidden Spark Zack Blaze in decent pop. he taunts the crowd as he signals for his pyro. He heads backstage for a moment and comes back out pushing a cart of weapons. The crowd pops even louder as he waves to the crowd.

TR: And his opponent, from Chicago,Illinois, weighing in at 187 lbs, he is The Hidden Spark: Zack Blaze!

Blaze stops the cart and pulls out a 2x3 wrapped in barbed wire and climbs up the apron and into the ring. He taunts the crowd and readies the 2x4 to strike.


Blaze immediately goes after Serikaz with the barbed 2x4, but Serikaz ducks, turns around, kicks Blaze inthe gut, and hits a DDT. Serikaz taunts to the crowd as he picks up the 2x4 and smiles. He reads his opponent as Blaze stumbles to his feet. Serikaz swings, but Blaze ducks out of the way - ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE 2X4! The barbed wired has just been remmed into Serikaz's face! Blood begins gushing from Serikaz as Blaze covers. 1...2...thr-kickout! Somehow, Serikaz kicks out. Blaze grabs the barbed wired 2x4 and swings it into Serikaz's abdomen. Serikaz is screaming in pain as he removes the 2x4 and quencheshis stomach. Cover by Blaze. 1...2...thr-kickout! Blazegrabs the 2x4 again, but see it he snapped it in half. He throws the pieces away and exits the ring. He heads to the cart and pulls out a kendo stick. He slides back into the ring, but Serikaz has disappeared. A confused looks around the ring - LOW BLOW BY SERIKAZ! School Boy! 1...2...thr-kickout! Blaze barely saves himself. Serikaz lifts Blaze up and applies a Rear Naked Choke. Blaze attempts to reach the ropes, but they are too far away. The referee asks Blaze if he wishes to submit, but The Hidden Spark refuses. Serikaz tightens his hold. Zack Blaze's face turns bright pinkish-red as he loses oxygen to the brain. Blaze struggles to escape, elbowing Serikaz - Blaze grabs Serikaz's head and rams it into his own! Both men are down and out. The ref checks on both men and begins a count







7...Serikaz stirs

8...Blaze stirs. Serikaz is to his feet

9...Blaze to his feet. Serikaz goes for the clothesline, but Blaze counters into a Clothesline into the turnbuckle.

Tazz: Wow...truely the best match yet

MS: Most likely because these two are actually decent. Wait, I take that back. Serikaz is the only decent one so far.

Tazz: Up yours, Matt. This match can go either way. That's how talented these two are.

Blaze goes for a Running Shoulder Block and connects. Blaze now lifts Serikaz on the top turnbuckle and climbs on the second. He readies for a Superplex, but Serikaz counters with a barrage of punches to the temple. Serikaz in control. Lifts Blaze up - ENIGMATI - THE THOUSAND VOLT IMPACT!! Blaze countered Enigmation with The Thousand Volt Impact! What athleticism. Both men are down. Can Blaze capitalize? The ref begins the count.





5...Blaze begins to stir

6...He slowly crawls towards Serikaz



9...Blaze covers

1...2...Reversal! 1...2...thr-Reversal! 1...2...3!!!


TR: Here's your winner: Zack Blaze!

A semi-bloody Blaze celebrates in the ring, leaving a crimson Serikaz in the ring, lying in a pool of blood.

MS: Wow...what a match. Momentum shifted a few times, but in the end, Zack Blaze comes out on top.

Tazz: I can't wait to see more of Blaze. If he keeps this up, he can become World Champion once again.

MS: We're now near the half-way mark. Lets get into the action.

"Dammit" by Blink-182 plays and a hyperactive MC Steel appears on stage. He taunts the crowd and colorful fireworks ignite all around him. He yells at the crowd to become one with him.

TR: The following contest is scheduled for One-fall. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 200 lbs: M...C...Steel!

Steel climbs on the turnbuckle and demands the crowd to "stop!" He pulls out an empty box of cigarettes and crushes it in his hand. He throws it away and jumps down the turnbuckle. awaiting his opponent.

The beginnning of "Miseria Cantare" by AFI plays and Alex unknown appears on stage with a tranquil look on his face. He decends down the ramp slowly.

TR: And his opponent, from New York City, weighing in at 220 lbs: Alex Unknown!

Alex climbs up the apron and into thering. He stares at Steel for a moment and licks his lips. His tranquilityisreplaces with a smuck grin. He backs to the turnbuckle and awaits the bell


The two men lock up in a grapple, Steel transitions and puts Alex in a side headlock, Steel tightens the headlock and yells at Alex calling him worthless. Upon hearing those words Alex backs up into the ropes using them a momentum and moving forward throwing Steel into the ropes on the other side of the ring. Alex steps forward to the center of the ring and gets knocked to the mat. Alex rolls to his stomach and slaps the mat a couple of times before getting up and standing face to face with MC Steel. Steel slaps Alex across the face and in response Alex slaps himself in the face a couple times.

MS: This is one weird guy.

Tazz: And that is exactly why he fits into ICW.

Steel stares at Alex now knowing he's far from normal, Drew begins to throw a series of punches with the final landing delirious yells and walks around in a circle before grabbing Steel's head and hitting Steel with a headbutt, Alex doesn't let go and hit second headbutt, and than a third one before releasing Steel's head. MC Steel stumbles back into the corner holding his head. Alex runs to across the ring and dives into the corner at Steel looking to hit a jumping lariat, Steel rolls across the ropes evading the lariat, causing Alex to hit his shoulder on the top turnbuckle. Steel taking full advantage of Alex's mistake runs across the ring hitting the ropes and comes charging back to Alex in the corner and hitting him with a boot to the side of his head. On impact Alex goes to fall but is supported by the ropes, Steel pulls Steel by the hair to the center of the ring and hits a stiff kick to the gut and sets Alex up - SECOND CITY STOPPER! Cover!





TR: And your winner: M...C...Steel!

MC Steel has his arm raised by the referee, and begins to make his exit as the referee checks on Alex who is just making movements now, Drew stops in his tracks and turns around and picks Alex up throws him out of the ring between the top and middle rope with a smug look on his face.

MS: Another semi-quick match, but it was still decent to put it that.

Tazz: MC Steel is one of the most athletic person I've seen so far, but we're just getting started. Now we take a crack at the big leagues.

MS: Next up is a Ladder Match for the ICW Tag Team Vhampionships between Air & Wayne Morley and challengers Jerry Static and Maverick Zero.

Tazz: 2 great Tag Team competitors against 2...jobbers?

MS: Jobbers who want to prove themselves.

Tazz: Heh. Yeah...prove that they can be bigger jobbers.

TR: The following contest is a Ladder Match. And it is for the ICW Tag Team Championship.

"Nine Lives" by Def Leppard hits the P/A and the crowd erupts in HUGE pop as the Tag Team Champions enter the stage with the titles on their waist. The signal their pyro and the crowd explodes with the fireworks. They run down the ramp, high-fiving the crowd
along the way.

TR: Making their way to the ring, at a combine total of 473 lbs, they are the ICW Tag team Champions: Air and Wayne Morley

Both men jump up on separate sides of the apron and climb on their respected turnbuckles. They remove their belts and raise them high above their head. Wayne jumps down into the ring while Air backflips into the ring. They re-snap the belts together and give them to the referee. The back into their corner and await their prey.

"Howling" by Abingdon Boys School plays and Jerry Static and Maverick Zero appear with either none or negative reaction. Both ignore the crowd and taunt the a face-like motion.

TR: And introducing the challengers, at a combined total of 362 lbs: the team of Maverick Zero and Jerry Static.

Jerry runs to the other side while Zero leans on his teams side. Jerry grabs a mic and enters the ring, behind Zero.

JS: You think you're better than us? Huh? Nu-uh. We are gonna be the new ICW Tag Team Champions and we're adjusting the rules. I had a talk with Chairman Tyler Brownlee and he agreed to upgrade this Ladder a T...L...C Match! Now ring the bell.


Jerry and Zero start with the advantage as Zero hit's Air and Jerry hit's Wayne. Air blocks one of Zero's punches and throws Zero to the turnbuckle. Air goes to it and starts delivering rights and lefts to Zero. Jerry ducks a right hand by Wayne and Jerry pushes Wayne out of the ring. Wayne lands on the mat hard. Jerry goes to Air and pulls him off of Zero, but Air pokes Jerry in the eye. Air dropkicks Jerry in the chest, sending Jerry falling down and rolling out of the ring. Zero then turns Air around and Scoop Slams him. Zero then drops down and drives his elbow right in the heart of Air. Air grabs his chest as it is hurting after that. In the outside, Jerry grabs a steel chair. He then waits for Wayne to get up as he is outside of the ring as well. Wayne rises up and Jerry hits him hard with the steel chair. Wayne falls down as Jerry smiles. Jerry then drops it. He then uses his drive Wayne's hed into the ground. He put's on a sadistic face. Jerry then grabs the ladder and shoves it in the ring. Jerry goes in the ring. Zero is choking Air on the bottom rope. Jerry sets up the ladder. He then tells Zero to stop choking Air. He stops. Jerry tells him to climb the ladder as he will finish off Air. Zero climbs all the way up the ladder and tries to get the belts. Air then kicks Jerry's leg as Air is on the ground. Air uses his agility to move away from a stomp of Jerry. Air then pushes the ladder as it falls and Zero luckily lands on his feet. Air turns around as Jerry goes for a Clothsline. Air ducks and Jerry hits Zero with the clothsline on accident. Zero falls down hard and rolls out of the ring. Jerry and Air then start trading punches. Air ducks and hits a Hurricanrana on Jerry, sending him flipping on the ring mat. Jerry gets up fast just to be taking down with a punch. Air then picks up the ladder. Zero gets up on the outside. Air carries the ladder to the ropes and throws it right at Zero. The ladder hits Zero like a person doing a cross body. Air looks at Zero, smiling. Jerry then gets up and smiles evilly. He bends his knees and signals for Air to turn around. Air turns around - SPEAR! Air holds his guts and rolls out of the ring.

Wayne gets in the ring as blood is pouring from his face from that chairshot to his head earlier in the match. Jerry turns around and sees Wayne. He bends his knees again and waits for Wayne to get up so he can spear him like he did Air. Wayne gets up as Jerry runs full speed for a Spear, but Wayne moves out of the way and Jerry's shoulder hits the turnbuckle hard. Jerry falls down as well as Wayne because of all the blood he is losing. Zero gets up from the outside. He then gets a table that was outside. He then sets it up. Zero then gets a steel chair and slides it in the ring. He then gets in the ring. He picks up the chair. He then tries to hit Wayne, but Wayne rolls out of the way. The chair smacks on the ring mat and Zero let's go of it. Wayne turns Zero around but Zero pushes wayne. Wayne comes toward him but Zero kicks Wayne towards the ropes and Wayne lands on the 2nd rope. Zero bounces off the opposite rope, runs towards Wayne - ZERO CHANCE! Wayne is down! Zero jumps on the ropes - ZEROSAULT! Wayne holds his ribs in pain. Zero smiles at his downed opponent. Zero gets on his knees and starts hitting Wayne in the face as blood continues pouring from Wayne's head. Zero looks at the blood he has smothered over his fist from hitting Wayne's bloody face. Zero gets up and picks Wayne up as well. Zero then throws Wayne to the outside of the ring. Zero waits for Wayne to get up. Wayne gets up - SUICIDE DIVE BY ZERO! Both men are on the ground on the outside! On the other side, Air get's up. He grab's a ladder and slides it in the ring.Air is still holding his gut from that spear Jerry did to him earlier. Air slides in the ring slowly. Air picks up the ladder and sets it up. He places it under the Tag Team Championships and starts climbing the ladder slowly. He reaches the top. With his right hand, he raises it and tries to pull the titles off of the hook. Jerry gets up. Air notices and stops. He then stands up straight while looking at Jerry - 450 SPLASH! Air hit the 450 Spash!

MS: Oh my God! Air just jumped off the ladder and hits The Righteous Jobber!

Tazz: It's just to show you what all 4 competitors will do to walk out as the ICW Tag Team Champions.

All 4 superstars are still knocked out. Zero is the first to get up. Zero goes in the ring where the ladder is still set up. Zero then looks back at Air, who is out cold. Zero smiles, then grabs the ladder and leans it against the turnbuckle. Zero then gets out of the ring and picks up Air. Zero places air on the leaning ladder and backs up. He then runs will full speed at Air. Zero jumps with his knee soaring in the air, but Air moves and Zero's knee hits the ladder. The ladder falls and Zero holds his knee as he turns aroundonly to be dropkicked out of the ring by Air. He then climbs the turnbuckle, waiting for Zero to get up. Though, Jerry gets up first. Air then stands on the top of the turnbuckle and jumps down - CROSS BODY! Jerry and Air are down. Wayne gets up on the outside. He then walks around the ring and goes over to the commentary table and rips off the parts from it. He then goes around to Jerry and drags him over to it. Wayne picks Jerry up and throws him on the table. Wayne climb s on the table and picks Jerry up. Jerry then pokes Wayne in the eye quickly and kicks him in his mid-section. Jerry then drops Wayne with an elbow. Jerry hops off the table and climbs on the turnbuckle - STATIC SPLASH THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Both guys are laid out cold.

While they are laid out, Zero and Air are fighting on the outside. Zero throws Air in the ring. Zero goes in as well. Zero pick's Air up and uses his powers to push Air to the turnbuckle. Zero goes to him and starts kicked Air in his gut. Zero then lift's Air on the top turnbuckle. He puts Air in position - SUPERPLEX - NO!. Air wraps his feet on the turnbuckle so Zero can't exucute the Superplex. Zero hits Air in the jaw and climbs on the top turnbuckle. Zero tries again for a more elevated Superplex, but Air will not budge. Air punches Zero in his ribs and pushes Zero off the turnbuckle. Air climbs on the top turnbuckle - SHOOTING STAR PRESS! What a move! Once again in the match, all 4 competitors are laid out. Jerry and Wayne are laid out over the broken spanish commentator table while Air and Zero are laid out in the ring. Out of the 4 wrestlers, Air is the first wrestler to get up. he slowly walks over to the ladder and picks it up. He then throws it out of the ring. The crowd is wondering why Air threw the ladder out of the ring. Air then slides out of the ring. He look's under the ring as it look's like he is about to pull something out. Air then pulls out a HUGE 12' Reinforced ladder! Air can barely lift it up, but was able to slide it in the ring. Air picks the ladder up and sets it up. Air climbs the ladder slowly. He touches the belts but can't seem to unhook them. Zero crawls towards the turnbuckle and slowly pulls himself up. He climbs the opposite side of the ladder that iRob is on. Once Zero reaches the top, he hits Air in the gut. As Air holds his gut in pain, Zero starts hitting strong right hands to Air's forhead. Zero goes for one more but Air put's his arm up to block it. Air then punches Zero in the face hard. Air then jumps over Zero - POWERBOMB OFF THE LADDER! Zero looked like he landed on his neck. Both men are down. On the outside where Wayne and Jerry are laid out, Jerry starts crawling out of the broken table pieces. He tries his best to get up but he falls right back down. Jerry uses all of his upper body strength to pull himself up. He then rolls in the ring. He then picks the ladder up and throws it out of the ring. Jerry goes and picks Air up. Jerry then throws Air to the turnbuckle. Jerry goes toward Air and stomps on Air's ribs. Jerry then hits Air with a knife edge chop. Jerry goes for one more but Air moves out of the way. Air turns Jerry around and pushes him to the turnbuckle. Air returns the knife edge chops. The crowd count's each time Air hit's a knife edge chop on Jerry.











Air stops after he hits 10. Jerry chest is dark red. Air then backs up. Jerry walks up forward and Air bends over. Jerry gets caught with a Back Body Drop by Air. Air turns around and Zero cracks Airs head with a powerful kick to the head, sending him crashing down.

Tazz: That had to hurt the skull of iRob!"

MS: Air is probably out of this match after that shot by Zero. This match is in Zero and Jerry's grasp as we speak.

Tazz: I hope not. I want this match to go on for the rest of the night. Because I am enjoying this match more then I have enjoyed the whole Pay-Per-View in total so far.

MS: I have to admit, this match has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Air goes to the outside of the ring. He look's at Wayne's bloody face. Zero picks Wayne up and throws him in the ring. Zero grabs two chairs and throws them in the ring. Zero kicks Air out of the ring. Zero yells at Jerry and tells him to get up. A groggy Jerry tries to pull himself up. Zero points at Wayne's head, then the chairs. Jerry puts an evil smirk on his face. Zero gets down and puts Wayne head on the chair. He picks up the chair and stands up. He hands Jerry the chair slowly. Edge puts that sadistic look on his face. Zero starts yelling, "Do it, Do it, Do it, Do it." Jerryshake's his head up and down. CON-CHAIR-TO - NO! Wayne rolls out of the way. Jerry throws the chair down. Wayne gets up and turns around. Jerry grabs Wayne and Irish Whips him towards Zero - SUPERKICK!. Zero and Jerry look on. Jerry tells Zero to go out the ring and get the ladder. Zero gets out of the ring and picks the ladder up. He slides it in the ring. Jerry picks the ladder up and sets it up. Zero and Jerry both climb the ladder. They both try to unhook the championships but Air goes in the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. He then jumps as high as he can - SHOOT KICK ON THE LADDER! The ladder comes tumbling down with Zero and Jerry with it. Air holds his leg as when he kicked the ladder, his foot got caught in a space between the footsteps for a moment. Waune pulls himself up by the ropes as he sees every superstar is knocked out, including his partner. Wayne then looks out of the ring and looks at the wooden table Zero set up earlier in the night. Wayne then goes out of the ring. He then unsets the table and slides the table in the ring. He then looks under the ring and pulls out another table. Wayne slides it in the ring. he rolls into the ring and sets the table up. He then grabs the ladder and sets it up in front of the wooden table. Wayne grabs the other table and puts it on the other table. Wayne then drags Jerry and puts him on the table that is on top of the other table. Wayne then goes over to Air and tells him to get up. Air is still hurting in his leg. Wayne tells Air to go on the ladder and hit Jerry with a 450 Splash through the table. Air nods and climbs the ladder. Wayne tells him to jump, but out of nowhere, Maverick Zero comes fast and pushes Wayne into the ladder. Air falls off , but alligns himself - CROSS BODY! THROUGH TWO FUCKING TABLES!!!

There is a breeze through the arena as Zero and Wayne look at Air and Air and Jerry. Their facial expression is a shocked look. Wayne turns and looks at Zero. Wayne stomps his way towards Zero, face-to-face...sorta. Zero hits Wayne first. And again, and again, and again, and again, and agai - Wayne blocks it. He then throws Zero to the ropes. Zero bounces off as Wayne bends over. Zero stops and raises his leg to kick Wayne in the chest. Wayne raises back up. Zero then throws Wayne to the turnbuckle. Zero then unsets the ladder and places it flat on the canvas. Zero then goes toward Wayne. He put's Wayne on the top turnbuckle. He then grabs him in starting position - SUPERPLEX! Wayne holds his back as he yells in pain. Zero gets up and looks at Jerry. Zero kicks Air off of Jerry, then goes to his knees and tries to wake Jerry up. Jerry is still knocked out cold. Zero the turns and looks at Air also. Zero gets up and picks Air up and Irish Whips him into the turnbuckle. He then goes toward Air, but before Zero does any physical damage, he looks at the ladder he just used to apply damage to Wayne's backside. Once Air turns around, Air pokes Joe in the eyes. Air then bites Zero's mask, trying to pull it off. Zero then quickly hits Air with a Low Blow. Air stops biting and he falls down in pain Zero re-adjusts his mask. He looks at his hand and see's no blood. As he turns around. He goes to pick up Wayne, but Wayne picked up a chair while Zero was busy with Air, and busted Zero wide open. Mask or no mask, Zero is gushing blood.

MS: Maverick Zero may not have saw blood at first, but i'm sure he see's it now. That's for sure.

Tazz: I'm loving this match. Jerry could be injured for life. Air may have just earned some crushed family jewls courtesy of Zero. Wayne could have a broken back and Zero could have a broken nose.

MS: And that's something you love? Man, that's sick. These people could be scared, injured, careers are being shortened as we speak.

Tazz: So you came in the match thinking these 4 people would not be injured? Think before you speak, Matt

Wayne pushes the chair to the outside of the ring. Wayne then pulls himself up by the ropes as blood is pouring from his face. He then look's at Zero's nose which has blood coming from it. Wayne then looks at the ladder. He picks it up but it falls down as he is to hurt to pick it up. He then take's a deep breath. He then picks it up again. He then puts it straight up and sets it up. He then scoots it to the middle of the ring. Wayner then starts climbing very slowly. He then gets up to the top. He touches one of the two ICW Tag Team Championship belts. He then holds on to it and tries to unhook it. On the ground, Jerry crawls to the ladder. He then uses everything in him to push it over. The ladder falls but Wayne hangs on the titles as he swings like a monkey. Jerry looks up and cannot believe that Wayne is still hanging. Jerry gets up but falls right back down. Wayne looks down and hangs on for dear life. He then goes up and stays up. Jerry grabs the ladder and sets it up to the turnbuckle that is in front of Wayne. Jerry climbs it. He stands on top of it. He look's right in the eyes of Wayne. Jerry the jumps off - STATICBOMB! They fall down and Jerry's head bounces off the canvas! They're both knocked out cold. Jerry rolls out to the left side and Wayne rolls out to the right side. Now, it's only Air and Zero left in the ring with each other. Air uses what is left of him to pull the ladder to the middle of the ring. He then gets up and climbs the ladder. Once he gets to the top, Zero starts crawling towards the ladder. Zero gets up and climbs the ladder as well. Their both on top of the ladder now. Air hits Zero in the nose. Zero almost slips off but stays on. Zero then hits Air. Zero continues hitting Air, followed by a Clothesline, but Air ducks and pushes Zero off the ladder. Air touches one of the titles. he goes to unhook one - AIR GRABS THE FIRST BELT. He then goes for the other one - WAIT A MINUTE! Edge quickly slides back into the ring and pushes the laddes over, sending Air crashing down with it. Jerry puts the ladder back in the middle of the ring and begins climbing slowly. He reaches the top, trying to unhook the other belt - WAIT A MINUTE! Wayne quickly slides into the ring, and climbs up the ladder. Jerry tries to punch him down,. but Wayne bocks it - MORLEY PLEX OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!! What a hellacious move! Jerry is down! Air is down! Zero is down! Wayne is slowly crawling up the ladder. He on the top, barely touching the last belt. He finally grabs it, trying to unhook it - HE GOT IT!


TR: Here are your winners, and STILL ICW Tag Team Champions: Wayne Morley and Air!

Wayne hold his championship belt as he puts a smile while blood is still pouring from his face. He is still knocked down and doesn't get back up. EMT's come out and check on all 4 competitors. Jerry then gets up and climbs over the barricade. He then looks pissed. He then walks around the ring and knocks over empty chairs near the Announce Table. He Limps his way up the ramp and towards his locker room The EMT's then take Zero out first. They then help Wayne and Air out of the ring.

MS: Wow...what a match. Truely the best match so far.

Tazz: Took the words right out of my mouth. Even those jobbers put up a good fight, but in the end, Wayne and Air retain.

MS: I just hope Wayne is well enough to compete in the Main Event, tonight.

TR: The following contest is scheduled for One-Fall and it is for the ICW Womens Championship.

"Fanatic" hits the P/A and thecrowd pops as Kelsey Ryan prances down the ring, high-fiving the crowd.

TR: Introducing first, the challenger, from Dublin, Ireland: Kelsey Ryan!

She slides into the ring and taunts the crowd. She climbs on the turnbuckle and shakes her chest to the crowd. She jumps down and awaits her opponent.

"Unbreakable" by Fireflight hits the P/A and Athena enters the stage with HUGE pop. She poses to the crowd and colorful pink and black smoke shoots up from behind her. She high fives the crowd, even gives kisses to a few lucky guys on the cheek, as she descends down the ramp.

TR: And her opponent: from Parts Unknown: Athena!

Athena climbs up the apron and crawls under the bottom rope. She climbs up the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd, prompting them to cheer even louder. She jumps off the turnbuckle and moves to the center of the ring. She taunts her opponent as she retreats to her


Kelsey charges in for a tackle but Athena pushes Kelsey’s head to the ground. But while there Kelsey is able to grab Athena’s ankle. Athena tries to back up to break free but Kelsey doesn’t let go. Kelsey wraps her leg around Athena’s and forces her to fall on her face. Athena reaches out and finally grabs the bottom rope as Kelsey lets go of the hold. Both stand up and Athena, furious charges Kelsey and tackles her down to the floor hard.

MS: Any woman's game here..

Tazz: Tell you what Kelsey and Athena can wrestle me and I will let them pin me...

Kelsey wraps her legs around Athena once again to strengthen the lock. Athena tries to turn out of it and gets halfway there. Athena’s face is turning bright red as she fights to get loose. Athena finally turns her way out and stands up over Kelsey. Kelsey starts kicking Athena but Athena starts kicking back even harder. Athena grabs Kelsey's leg with her left arm and starts punching Kelsey with her right. She’s laying some huge lefts and rights all over Kelsey who’s getting dazed as Athena finally drops her to the mat and goes for a pin.




Both women are up to their feet as they tie up Kelsey gets the upper hand as she was about to get a knee to the gut of Athena - FACE LIFT! Cover.





TR: Here's your winner, and NNNNNEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW ICW Womens Champion: Kelsey Ryan.

Kelsey celebrates in the ring as the referee hands her the Womens Championship belt. Kelsey holds it in the air and the crowd cheers. Athena pulls herself up and sighs in disbelief. She walks up to Kelsey, turns her around, and the two stare down. After a while, The Goddess offers Kelsey a handshake. Kelsey stares at Athena's hand for a moment, then shakes her hand. The handshake turns into a hug and the crowd goes nuts.

MS: And thus a new friendship grows here at Summertime Smash

Tazz: A friendship or "friendship?"

MS: Quit it, you. Now we move to the last of the cross-promotional matches. Featuring a big underdog and one of the best of his promotion.

TR: The following contest is a Cross-Promotional match scheduled for one-fall! Introducing first, representing the No Limit Wrestling Federation, from Hoyvík in the Faroe Islands, weighing in at 175 lbs, he is currently one half of the NLWF Undisputed Tag Team Champions: Jason Hawk!
Lights out!


The lights go out in the arena as the music continues. Then suddenly fireworks explode from the titantron in the shape of the Faroese flag. 

I secretly crave, crave that scent again
Still feel it pressing on me now
Now with the onset, my flesh is weakening
I steel my nerves for temptations at hand again 

A spotlight shines onto the stage and Jason Hawk is standing on the stage with his arms spread to the side and a huge smile on his face. He lowers his arms and the lights slowly come back on. 

And I hear this calling
Still you don't seem so far at all
And I hear this calling out 

Jason Hawk makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring. He climbs a turnbuckle and spreads his arms to the side with the same cocky and big smile on his face. 

No secret deception, for these would tear this down
I'll note the past, spare the pain (spare the pain)
Words match my deeds with brutal honesty
Never forget these choices were made by me 

Jason Hawk moonsaults backwards as golden fireworks explode from the turnbuckle. Jason Hawk lands on his feet and spreads his arms to the side again as the fans cheer him on.

And I hear this calling
Still you don't seem so far at all
And I hear this calling
Still you don't seem so far at all
And I hear (and I hear) this calling out 

TR: And his opponent, representing the Superior Championship Wrestling, from Buenos Aires in Argentina, weighing in at 176 pounds…Mariano Fernandez!

The intro of "Seoul Road" by SNK hits and Pyro blasts at both sides of the arena as Mariano comes out the stage, to a massive ovation. He sprints full speed to the ring and rolls under it on his stomach, then strikes a martial arts pose for the crowd. He then jogs in place and bows down to Hawk.


Hawk and Fernandez lock up, and Hawk easily gets the upper hand, kneeing Fernandez to the chest. He irish whips Fernandez to the ropes, and Fernandez hits a dropkick on Hawk.


Hawk kicks out and takes down Fernandez quickly with a DDT before climbing the ropes and hitting an elbow drop.


Fernandez kicks out with ease but Hawk kicks him to the stomach and Fernandez stays down. Hawk runs to the ropes…

Tazz: Lionsault!

MS: Hawk is pulling out all the stops early!


Fernandez kicks out once more and rolls out of the ring

Tazz: This is the first time these two men have met in the ring…MICHINOK…

MS: Hawk avoids the Michinoku Driver II-B

Fernandez hits a strong kick to Hawk’s midsection and Hawk stumbles back into the ropes, resting. Fernandez runs at Hawk hoping to hit a crossbody, but Hawk pulls the ropes down and Fernandez goes flying over the ropes and crashes onto the floor

Tazz: Hawk has an opening!

MS: All he has to do is pin him!

Hawk slides out of the ring and pulls Fernandez back into the ring.

Tazz: Wait…what is he doing?

MS: He’s setting him up for the…

Tazz: Tsunami Strike!!

MS: He’s stolen Fernandez’s finisher


Fernandez kicks out at the last second

Tazz: Real heart shown here by the Prince of the Ring.

Hawk is annoyed and starts stomping Fernandez, Fernandez is cut open when the metal part of Hawk’s boot hits his face. Hawk climbs
the ropes and hits a missile dropkick on Fernandez, and then picks him up and hits a bulldog. Blood splatters on the ring mat as Fernandez hits with a dull thud. Hawk picks up Fernandez and Irish Whips him into the ropes, knocking the referee out cold on the ground. Hawk throws Fernandez over the top rope and starts to fight him up the ramp. Hawk dropkicks Fernandez through the cable wiring sets and Fernandez falls 10 metes onto a hard cold floor, only a table stopping his fall.

Hawk drags Fernandez back to the ring, and with all his strength and might picks Fernandez up and places him on the turnbuckle. Hawk
picks up Fernandez and…

MS: Superplex! Superplex from the top rope!

Hawk goes for the Superplex, but as he goes for it, the ring rope snaps and Hawk’s ankle collapses on the edge of the ring. Hawk and Fernandez fall down, and Hawk’s arm is draped over Fernandez’s body



TR: Here’s your winner: Jason Hawk!

MS: Mariano gave it his all,but in the end, J-Hawk comes out on top.

Tazz: This was expected, though. Mary was the complete underdog. Hawk was not. So that proof gave us our winner.

MS: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the Main Event: Leon Lonewolf. Wayne Morley. Draven Kennedy. TJ Tilli. A No Holds Barred Fatal 4
Way Match for the ICW World and Destruction Championships. This is a different type of match as it will be for 2 falls. The first fall will be for the Destruction title, the second for the World title. Let's get to how this all started.

"The Prophet" by X-Ray Dog plays during the promo.

Eruption 4.3
Leon: I came out here tonight to thank the ICW fans who being by my side during last week's Iron Man Match with Zack Blaze. Although I have complete respect over him, he must now leave me alone as I find a new challenger for the title. So I am calling an Open Challenge to anyone who wants a shot at me. If you win, you are the new #1 Contender.

???: How about I take your title now.

Out of nowhere, Draven Kennedy whacks Leon in the back of the head with his briefcase. He begins assaulting the World Champion until a referee pulls him off. DLK grabs his briefcase and shoves it to the referee, saying that he wants to cash it in now. The ref. signals for the bell.


Kennedy pulls a groggy Leon to his feet - DEATH NOTE! Cover!





TR: Here's your winner, and NNNNNEEEEEEWWWWWWWW ICW Champion: Draven Logan Kennedy.

Kennedy grabs the title from the timekeeper and runs up the ramp. Leon looks on as Kennedy holds the title up above his head with a smug look on his face.

...Eruption 4.4...
Leon: I come out and asked for an open challenge for the #1 contender and what I got was a cheap shot and lost it in a snap. Draven, if you're back there, I want to tell you that I will be cashing in my rematch clause at Summertime Smash for the World Champion...

Wayne: I know you have a Rematch Clause, Leon, but with all due respect. I think I deserve a World title shot and ask you to add me in the match...

Tilli: You think YOU deserve a World title shot? No. I deserve it more. I've held the Destruction title longer than anyone else. and my current winning streak screams World title shot. So if anyone deserves to be added to the match at Summertime Smash, it's me...

Brownlee: Tilli, you had a great career so far. Wayne, I'm surprise you never won a World title. You know what? At Summertime Smash, it will be Draven Kennedy vs. Leon Lonewolf vs.Wayne Morley vs.TJ Tilli in a Fatal 4 Way *Pop* for the ICW World Championship...AND...the ICW Destruction Championship...

Tilli: Are you serious? I'm not putting this title on the line. Never...

Brownlee: TJ, if you want a World title shot, you will put yours in the pot as well in this 2-Fall Match-up...
Eruption 5.3

MS: In this Beat-the-Clock Challenge, the participant of the Fatal 4 Way defeats his time the fastest can decide the stipulation for their match one week from this Sunday.

Tazz: Morley has the fastes at 3:45. Can DLK win his the fastest...

Kennedy sets Static on the top rope - DRAVENPLEX! Cover.




TR: Here is your two minutes twenty-one seconds: Draven Logan Kennedy!..

DLK: An Inferno Match? A TLC Match? A Steel Cage Match? Those aren't cruel enough. If I'm defending MY title, it'll be No...Holds...Barred!!!

MS: And there you have it. Kennedy. Lonewolf. Morley. Tilli. a 2-Fall No Holds Barred Fatal 4 Way for the Destruction championship, then the World championship. Who will come out on top.

"Nine Lives" hits the P/A and the crows gives a HUGE Standing-O to the battle-scarred Wayne Morley, Tag Team title around his waist. Air is seen, helping him down the ramp. He hugs Air and asks him to the back. As Air does so, Wayne climbs up the apron and into the ring. He taunts the crowd as he tosses his title belt to the timekeeper and leans on a turnbuckle.holds

MS: Morley has been badly beaten during that TLC Match a little bit ago against Maverick Zero and Jerry Static.Can Morley survive another hellacious match-up?

"Falling Down" by Atreyu plays and the crowd gives a HUGE pop to The Phenomenal TJ Tilli, Destruction title on his shoulder. He high-fives his fans as he makes his way to the ring. He slides into the ring and holds up his title above his head. He gives the title to the ref and awaits his time to shine.

"Maybe I'm a Lion" by Black Mages plays through the arena and flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. 12 seconds into the song, Fireworks go off one more time and Leon Lonewolf appears to a the biggest pop of the night. Leon makes his way down the ramp in a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans. Leon makes his way to the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, posing for the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air: his symbol of honor. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He jumps down and readies himself for the match.

"Wherein Lies Continue" by Slipknot plays and the cowd gives the ICW Champion the exact opposite treatment Leon recieved: the biggest HEAT of the night. He ignores him as he runs to the right and ignites his pyro. He runs down the ramp and signals for the ramp and the stage again to ignite in fireworks. He slides into the ring and climbs on the turnbuckle. He holds the title above his head before attaching it to his waist. He jumps down, moves to the middle, and crotch chops to the crowd, igniting one last batch of fireworks all over the arena. He gives his title belt to the ref and waits to strike from his turnbuckle.

TR: The following contest is a No Holds Barred Fatal 4 Way scheduled for two falls. The first fall is for the ICW Destruction Championship while the second is for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, from Sweetwater, Texas, weighing in at 290 lbs, he is one-half of the ICW Tag Team Champions: "The Hells Cowboy" Wayne Morley! *Decent pop for Morley* From Perth, Australia, weighing in at 215 lbs, he is the ICW Destruction Champion: T...J...Tilli! *More pop for Tilli* From Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 285 lbs: Leon Lonewolf. *Even more pop for Lonewolf* And from Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 264 lbs, he is the ICW Champion: Draven Logan Kennedy. *lots of boos for DLK*

The ref explains the rules to all 4 men and holds up both titles in the air.

The sound of the bell would not only serve to start this match but it would the signal that a war had just begun. Each of these men began to look towards the other and even this early on their would seemingly be enemies. It was honestly no surprise that Leon and DLK couldn't look away from the other but even then there was Wayne and Tilli locking eyes. DLK and Wayne would be the ones to make a move first, both of them making their way towards their marks. Leon looked on to DLK as did Tilli to Wayne. The fans could only look on in anticipation as all 4 of these men met, each of them engaging in a tie up, Wayne easily able to simply overpower Tilli very quickly found control and soon had pushed the smaller man backwards into a corner. Meanwhile Leon and DLK, the two of them actually seeming somewhat matched in strength with DLK having the slight advantage over this smaller man, but the new kid on the block if you will would quickly remind these fans that it wasn't about strength because though DLK would take advantage and pull this to his favor by breaking the tie up and grabbing this man by his arm and Irish Whipping him into the far ropes, this being the point which most Superstars would rebound but Leon still running full speed would instead throw his body forwards in a hand spring motion allowing his back to hit the ropes and leaving the fans amazed that he didn't use his hands during this. With his momentum going in, Leon would spring back rotating back to his feet while DLK seemed stunned by how sudden this happened and he would pay for it because Leon upon hitting his feet and wanting to keep this momentum going even with his back still turned to him, jumps backwards allowing himself to fall back and turn only to deliver a kick to DLK's face hitting a No-Handed Handspring Enzuiguri taking DLK down to the mat. This lone move, being the first thing he has ever done in a matchup would not only get the fans to pop, but possibly give a bit of insight to just how this man worked.
MS: Beautiful counter by Leon onto DLK.
Tazz: The champ almost seemed like a deer in the headlights to that, not sure how to react and who could blame him? You don't see agility like that everyday and right out of the gate to boot.
MS: Meanwhile we can see Wayne working Tilli over in the corner.
Tazz: You have to wander, because this match already has been two separate one on one matches, how long that will last?
It was certainly the question to be asked but it wouldn't seem like it would happen soon, because as Wayne continued to work Tilli over with a series of well placed Shoulder Rams to the gut which sent Tilli back into the turnbuckle in pain, the big man trying to take the fight out of him. Leon could be seen getting back to his feet rather quickly followed by DLK who almost seemed to be doing it out of reflex then on his own because as he did so he soon found himself in the arms of an awaiting opponent as Leon grabs him around the waist, his back to Wayne in the corner. Leon picks up DLK and lifts him high in the air. He shows off to the crowd by doing Military Press reps before dropping him for a Military Press Drop, DLK landing so as he was laying almost directly behind Wayne. The injured man still working over Jeff would soon have his attention taken off his opponent because Leon, showing his agility and speed upon hitting the Military Press Drop, would be back to his feet and running to the near ropes for some added momentum as he makes his way across the ring towards DLK, and more importantly, Wayne. As he drew near to DLK, this man would then leap up into the air over DLK with his legs tucked up to his chin before exploding to hit a front Dropkick to Wayne's back, sending him forwards into Tilli while as he pushing off from Wayne's back is just able to get enough rotation backwards to hit a Moonsault off the Dropkick which seemed to only make DLK writhe, however instead of going for a pin on DLK, Leon would instead wait as Wayne stumbled backwards from the impact only to trip over DLK's body as the superstar from Minnesota used this to his advantage and rolled Wayne up on the mat. 1...kickout. Wayne, obviously not at all happy at what just happened, could only get back to his feet, but Leon, who he had some anger towards would easily beat him up to a vertical base and as they were facing each other while DLK and Tilli tried to regain themselves from the early goings. Leon would attempt to rely on his speed and strength some more as he jumps back into the ropes behind him to get some more momentum as he charged Wayne but this would only play into the Cowboy's favor because as Leon drew near, all that momentum he had would be used against him as Wayne would catch him and lift Leon high into the air with his sternum resting against Leons shoulder only to be driven down into the mat by a thunderous Spinebuster in which Wayne would practically bounce back to his feet, leaving his foe to suffer from the impact.
MS: What a Spinebuster by Morley. I never knew he had that kind of momentum in him.
Tazz: Yeah and let that be a lesson to the small ones that speed kills haha.
MS: It sure does if your driven down by a near 300 pound man.
Tazz: Even if you are also near 300 lbs. And now that man has the upperhand on these three, he can just pick them off one by one if he continues this way.
Wayne couldn't help but grin at the carnage within the ring, not even 5 minutes into this bout and already there were 3 bodies strung out throughout the ring from Jeff Hardy holding himself up in the corner to DLK still writhing on the mat but seemingly coming too, Leon even was just now managing to roll himself out of the ring under the bottom rope to save himself from getting pinned, could this be an omen with Wayne being the only man standing right now? Well with him being in complete control and in control of the pace even with 3 other competitors it was hard to block the thought from ones head. Wayne above all wouldn't as he began to make his way towards DLK on the ground and Tilli in the corner. It became quite obvious that he wanted to finish what he had started before the interruption from Leon who was laying down on the outside of the ring. As he steps over DLK's body and grabs Tilli was was beginning to collect himself in the corner. Pulling him out of it and over DLK, Wayne now holding onto Hardy by his head and now in the center of the ring merely grabs this man by his arm and goes to Irish Whip him in the direction of the ropes, but as Tilli was sent, the cowboy wouldn't let go but instead once he reached the maximum slack of Wayne's reach he would find himself pulled back towards him and into the huge arm of Wayne would sent Tilli to the mat sprawled out. Smelling blood and thinking that's all it was going to take he goes for a quick cover. 1...2...kickout.
MS: Well it seems as if Wayne has decided to pick away at Tilli first.
Tazz: Yeah but the big man has to hurry if he wants this win, Its only a matter of time before DLK, or Leon are up and moving again and that can wreck any plan he has.
MS: Keeping his focus is key, but it must be hard knowing at any time someone could hit you from behind.
Tazz: Its a battle of the most reckless.
Wayne, not paying much attention to Tilli managing to kick out, would instead turn his direction towards the task at hand: finishing him off as quickly as possible. Getting back to his feet with Tilli in tow via his hair, Wayne, making sure to keep him in a doubled over position, which Tilli couldn't help but fall to one knee in. Wayne would then position Tilli's arm on his shoulder, attempting a Morley Plex,but Hardy would show resilience and upon his position begin to hammer away at Wayne's head, trying everything within his power to not be put out of this match and it seemed to work because Wayne was not able to hold onto Hardy much longer and would effectively let him go in front of him to the mat where The Australian Assailant would instantly begin to hammer away at Wayne with a few quick forearm shots to his head. Just enough to keep him off balance before he turned and ran to the ropes directly behind him only to run back at Wayne who was still stumbled to throw a quick kick which quickly found itself caught by Wayne who seemingly lured Tilli in but that's what plan B is for: practically turning inside out as he did so, Hardy jumps off his planted foot and spins inside out to hit a Mule kick breaking Wayne's hold on his leg and sending the big man stumbling back. Not off his feet yet, and with Tilli getting back up almost seeming to have a rush of adrenaline in him as he turned Wayne's advantage around on him. Not wanting to waste even a second to allow The Hells Cowboy to recover, Hardy would quickly rush towards Wayne and grab him by his head and position Wayne's chin on the top of his head, from there with Tilli holding Wayne's head down against his own he would quickly jump up and fall to a seated position to hit a sit out jawbreaker which finally took Wayne down to his back.
MS: What a comeback by Tilli taking down Wayne for the first time in this match.
Tazz: Hardy showing us he's not ready to give up, atleast not yet as he takes it to The Hells Cowboy.
MS: Yet still DLK and Leon remain to not be a factor.
Tazz: Maybe they aren't trying to be, think about how smart it is to just sit back and let the others tear eachother apart and them pick the pieces.
Tilli obviously feeling the match in his favor would give a quick glance back to DLK, who was slightly beginning to stir, pushing himself to all fours. Turning back to Wayne with a slight amount of urgency, he would continue his assault as he usually does, Moving to Wayne's feet he would reach down and grab one in each hand and lift up his legs with them spread. The fans all knew what was coming as Hardy then leaped from the ground and positioned both his legs inbetween Wayne's for a Legdrop to the groin, which had quite the effect on Wayne. With The Cowboy rolling around on the ground and with DLK still on all fours, Tilli would then get back to his feet and run to DLK only to deliver a low dropkick to DLK's side effectively sending him rolling to the side and out of the ring, Tilli, making sure he wasn't going to be a factor in his plans as he then gets up and begins to make his way back to Wayne who was stilling rolling around with his hands over his crotch in pain. Wasting no time knowing that Leon could still ruin it, Tilli would then lift Wayne to his feet and quickly position his head under his own right arm, Tilli feeling the rush would then hold both his arms out to the side while screaming out to the fans, signaling for the Breaking Point, which got a huge cheer from the fans as they expected it to be it for Wayne. However, as Tilli went for the rotation, before he could engage, Wayne would grab hardy by the waist, now having his back as he pivoted his body towards the nearest corner where he would shove Tilli in the direction of with the hopes of Tilli hitting sternum first - DETRIMENTAL DELUSION!

MS: Tilli could be close to knocking The Cowboy out of this match!

Tazz: After a counter like that I have no doubt in my mind.

MS: Can he just follow up though!? Can he get the cover?!

Tazz: I don't think he's going for a cover, Matt.

As Tazz had pointed out, Tilli seemed to have other plans on his mind as he seemed to refuse to go for a cover on Wayne, who was laying motionless. He would instead get to his feet and look towards the fans and ring but more importantly inspecting to see if DLK or Leon had made their way back into the ring yet, upon seeing they hadn't, he would then return his gaze down upon Wayne laying there and then towards the corner, in which he was sent into by that man in the first place. Moving down to Wayne's legs once more he would only grab one and seemingly begin to position Wayne so that he was laying perfectly with his side facing that corner. It was only a matter of time as Tilli inevitably began to climb those turnbuckles only to perch himself on the top where the crowd knew what was coming. Jeff giving them a slight signal - SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Cover. 1...2...Can Tilli retain his title? thr-WAIT A MINUTE! Leon slides into the ring and pushes Tilli off of Batista! Cover! 1...2...3!!! Leon stole Tilli's title!


TR: "Ladies and Gentlemen, your new Destruction Champion: Leon Lonewolf!"

Tilli couldn't believe it. Leon Lonewolf, his best friend, stole his title. He had the pin on Wayne, but Leon came out of nowhere and stole his title. Tilli argues with Leon as to why he took the Destruction title for himself. Leon places a hand on his shoulder and tells him to pin wayne while he distracts DLK. Speaking of which, DLK slides into the ring, but Leon grabs him by the head and paces his head between Leon's legs. Leon pulls him up - LIONHEART! Tilli pulls Wayne to his feet - BREAKING POINT! Cover by Tilli.

Blue and white confetti flies above the ring as a shocked Tilli is handed the World Title. Leon pulls Tilli to his feet and hoists him on his shoulders. Tilli celebrates with his new title. The ref snaps the Destruction title around his waist. Wayne and DLK can't believe what happen. Wayne just lays there, sighing, while DLK throws a tantrum. MC Steel, Jason Hawk and TLK come back and join the celebration. Air comes out and helps his partner up to his feet. He drags Wayne backstage. DLK, who can't believe what has happened, tries to attack Leon and Tilli, but the referee blocks him.

MS: I don't believe it. We have a new World Champion.

Tazz: TJ Tilli was the first #1 Contender for the title less than 6 months ago. Now he has fufilled his dream and is your new I...C...W Champion.

MS: That is all the time we have for you, folks. Stay tuned for the second half of this Special Pay-Per-View Double Presentation: Youtube Championship Wrestling's Battle Finale.

(c)2010 Inferno Championship Wrestling, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.


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ooc: woot! good show, well done Leon best show so far
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ICW Summertime Smash
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