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PostSubject: Vespertine   Sat Dec 25, 2010 4:12 am



Kim Le Jong
Well Rounded Fighting Machine, Elegance Personified
San Francisco, Ca
Theme Music:
“Diamond Eyes” by Shinedown
Superstars Height:
Superstars Weight:
Superstars Alignment:
Neutral, Tweener
Gimmick(s) (Brief explanation):
Mixed Martial Artist, Actress turned model turned Wrestling Superstar, she is huge on respect and being the female warrior that she is.
Superstar Pic Base:
Miko Lee
Superstar Theme/Tron:
The images are of her wrestling in the ring interspersed with her modeling in various swimsuits. The last couple of images shows her at the top of the ramp doing her entrance and the last image shows her arm raised in victory as she has just defeated a fallen opponent.

Superstars Entrance:
(the sound of a Japanese flute starts out playing quietly over the loudspeakers and the lights go down. The Tron comes up and we see two armies standing face to face on a battlefield. The flute continues playing and the camera on the Tron gets closer to the two armies. The camera cuts scene…)

(the camera cuts back to a scene of two armies. The Japanese flute plays louder. Both armies are huge and they are an army of shogun, ronin, and samurai. As the army walks forward a single figure comes into view and emerges from the line. The figure raises their sword and as one the entire army stops. The figure runs forward and gets atop a boulder to look out. The camera goes over their shoulder and we see the other army standing as a wall in the distance. The figure/leader takes off their helmet and long black hair tumbles out from it and flows all around, sometimes waving and weaving in places where the wind catches it. The figure turns and looks at the army behind them and we see it is Vespertine. She raises her sword and roars in fury. Camera cuts scene and the Japanese flute stops)

(camera cuts back to scene of her army raising their own swords and shouting in fury. The camera pans back quickly and she does the motion of “forward” with her sword and the camera goes up and we see her entire army run forward to join in the fray below. The song “Diamond Eyes” by Shinedown starts with the drum beat. Suddenly the spotlights in the arena come up and we see a lone figure standing at the top of the ramp with images of her wrestling on the Tron behind her. One arm is raised and we see it is Vespertine and she is standing facing the entrance curtains. She spins around rather quickly and at the end of the turn she points at the audience where upon a couple of pyros go off on each side of her. She stands at the top of the ramp looking around at the audience. Then suddenly she reaches her hands out to them as if to encompass their souls and fire pillar pyros go off behind her. She saunters on down to the ring, stepping in time to the music. She wears black wrestling shorts, a black wrestling sports top with purple sequins which reveals her midriff and abs, black wrestling boots, her black trenchcoat duster and black sunglasses. She slides in underneathe the ropes, takes off her sunglasses and looks around at various spots with a feral like look in her eyes and slightly licking her lips. We see she has heavy glitter around her eyes and a heavy dark turquoise black (or other color) eyeliner. She crawls seductively like a cat to the other side of the ring and then suddenly jumps up and spreads her arms out and lands in an “X” like pattern where upon at each corner of the ring, showers of sparks come flying out. She looks around, still with the feral look in her eyes, and takes off her trenchcoat duster and and gives it to a person outside the ring and goes to sit on the turnbuckle facing the ring entrance until the match starts)

1. “Hanging Silence”: An Osaka Street Cutter
2. “Suspended” A Codebreaker
1. A shooting star Splash
2. A 450 splash off the top turnbuckle (or any object actually)
3. A Jillian elbow drop.
OTHER MOVES: (at least 5)
Basic Moves
These moves should be simple...punches, kicks, chops or simple maneuvers. Ten minimum.
1. Roundhouse kick
2. Axe kick
3. Tae Kwon Do or Judo punches and chops
4. Capoeira handspin kick
5. Arm Drags
6. Galopante Strike
7. Step up Enzigurai
8. Sit down Jawbreaker
9. Savate kick to neck
10. Mexican Arm Drag
11. Monkey Flip from corner
12. Spinning Heel Kick
13. Yakuza Kick
14. Double Punch Combo (one fist to stomach, one fist to lower jaw)
15. Flying Clotheslines

Primary Moves
These are more powerful moves such as suplexes and slams. Ten minimum.
1. Widowmaker
2. Float over DDT
3. Running Mat Slam
4. Edge- E- Cution
5. Asai Inverted DDT
6. Spider’s Web
7. Ninja Suplex
8. Cruifix Head Scissors hurricarana
9. Fisherman’s Suplex (most likely into pin)
10. Dragon Whip Kick
11. Lionsault
12. Off the rope rebound cross body block
13. Inverted Surfboard
14. Bow and Arrow Lock
15. Stratusfaction
16. Off the rope rebound hurricarana
17. Backcracker
18. Spider’s Web (rope hung Boston Crab)
19. Tilt A Whirl Headscissors Armbar
20. Koji Clutch


10 years
6 months (not very good lol)
For her: WCW, IIW, ACW, WTF, VCW, :I have been doing this since 1998 so for me over all: WCW, IIW, CAWF, EIWF, HWF, FTW, WTF, ACW, IIW, EIGW
- VCW 1x hardcore champion
- VCW 3x Light Heavyweight Champion
- VCW (w/ Munchkin) 1x Tag Team Champion
- VCW 1st ever female double champion: World and Light Heavyweight
- VCW 2009 Battlegrounds Winner
- VCW 1x World Champion
- WCW: Hardcore Champion 1x
- WCW: Light Heavyweight Champion 2x
- WCW: Women’s Champion 3x’s
- WCW: Tag Team Champion (w/ Ms. Alison)
- WTF: Pure Star Champion 1x
- IIW: Women’s Champion 1x

Her Personal Info:
DOB: 10/21/1985
Race: Asian/Korean
Build: Lean/Athletic
Style: High Flyer, Martial Artist, Mat Technician


NAME: Geoff
AGE: 34
LOCATION: Santa Cruz, Ca
HOW DID YOU FIND THE ICW: Chris Hart’s Top Efeds

(Insert Description Here)

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PostSubject: Re: Vespertine   Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:16 pm

That app is killer, for real.

However, Inferno Championship Wrestling has closed its doors. The company merged with YouTube Championship Wrestling to form the conglomerate known as Premium Championship Wrestling.

If you are interested in joining PCW, the link is below. We are nice people and we'd welcome you with open arms.
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