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 Eruption 1.2 Promo + Votes

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TJ Tilli

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PostSubject: Eruption 1.2 Promo + Votes   Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:26 am

An unkempt fringe brushes onto her face as she walks out the door and into the parking lot. She steps into her car and an 18 wheeler rushes past her, missing her leg by centimetres. As the truck crashes into a nearby wall, she sees a man in a black suit jump out of the car, unharmed and unscarred.
The woman that he almost ran over was my fiancée, Isabelle Stewart.
If I catch the motherfucker that tried to do that, he is dead. All I know, is that he wanted to get someone that is close to me. To affect me.
Leon, we’ve done battle in the XWF. You’ve won. We’ve done battle in the TWF. I won. Now, we do battle in ICW. I will win. I will become the ICW World Champion and if I don’t I will stop at nothing to win it the first time I try.
Leon, it’s on!
OOC: I can’t be bothered writing long promos. I have so much other stuff to do.


TJ Tilli
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Eruption 1.2 Promo + Votes
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