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 One will have gold, one will have burns.

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PostSubject: One will have gold, one will have burns.   Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:22 am

A black tricked-out Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X pulls into the driveway. A figure steps out and the camera ascends to reveal his face. It's Leon, sporting his signature Griever tee, black leather trench coat, black and red strap pants, leather boots, and shades to match it all. He takes a deep breath and looks into the camera.

"Well, my buddy made the final match an Inferno match. It's ok. I've been in an Inferno Match before. In my Indy days. Couldn't win the world title, but it was still a match to remember. Anyway, I know what it feels like to be burned, and it ain't gonna happen again. I will become ICW Champion. TJ Tilli, you claim this to be the rubber match. The match to declare the best between us. For once, I agree. I defeated you once, you defeated me once. We'll see who is...THE MAIN EVENT."

Leon flick his coat as he turns around and walks away. He stops and looks into the camera once more time. "Say hello to Isabelle for me." He smiles and walks away. Fade to Black
Through the eyes of a fan

Leon Lonewolf will win the World title in a close match

Chrys Genocide will win the Destruction Championship
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One will have gold, one will have burns.
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