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 The New World Order

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Mr. Evolution
Mr. Evolution

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PostSubject: The New World Order   Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:56 pm

/| * |\ NEW WORLD ORDER /| * |\

The scene begins, with the newest acquisition to ICW standing in front of a dark backdrop, his fist clenched, and face partially hidden by the looming shadows of the dim room. He wears his normal ring attire, red and black tights custom tailored, along with a black shirt with his face and tribal designs across it.

He laughs with a sinister yet sarcastic tone as he slowly steps forward to reveal the entire face of “Mr. Evolution” Desmond Haynes.

Desmond Haynes :: It is now by mean of coincidence that I’m here in Inferno Championship Wrestling. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

A sneer lurches across the well groomed and tidy face of Desmond who hasn’t seemed to expressed any emotion thus far.

Desmond Haynes :: No, I made it a mission to be here today. I wanted to be here, in the ICW, because I’ve watched this business develop into a sub par, meaningless, brainwashed, censored, and strictly established hunk of crap!

Desmond, anger and animosity in his eyes, wipes his face clean of the smile.

Desmond Haynes :: The big wigged executives of this industry have decided tot one it down, and limit what each wrestler can and can’t be or do. They want this to be programming, suitable for Nick Jr. And that is not the way I’m going to have it.

He shakes his head disgusted by the thought.

Desmond Haynes :: They’ve decided that we’ll fall into line and obey their every command and pander to the little mucus spewing, maggot like children who wanna watch wrestling.

He sighs and continues.

Desmond Haynes :: Last time I checked, we were men, who can take care of themselves. If we get hurt or bled out in front of those bloodsucking youths then who cares? And if we want to expose this generation for the giant scandal that it is, then it’s our right. This is exactly what the big shots who govern our country want. Limitations. Well, news flash, Desmond Haynes has no limitations and I don’t mess around. I go big or go home and that’s how I will always be.

He begins to stride around a little in thought.

Desmond Haynes :: So, it’s not a coincidence, I came to bring wrestling and this society to a higher standard. A fair, and free standard like it used to be when people weren’t such prima donnas!

He pops his knuckles and rolls his neck.

Desmond Haynes :: And on Eruption I’m going to begin to slowly do that when I take out Triple A. Axel Anderson Awesome. Well why don’t I tell you what my three A’s are. Anti-Establishment, Ability, and Ambition.

He peers at the camera.

Desmond Haynes :: But, congratulations, Triple A, you’ll be responsible for being the spark that inevitably ignites the new world order according to “Mr. Evolution” Desmond Haynes! I’d be preparing right about now. Not preparing for our match. But preparing for the Evolution of our society as we know it. And preparing… for early retirement.

Desmond laughs and then shoves down the camera as he walks off scene, and the feed cuts to static.
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The New World Order
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