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 Champion vs. Champion

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PostSubject: Champion vs. Champion   Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:07 pm

The scene begins in a dark room. The only thing visible is Leon Lonewolf, who is sitting on a stool, thinking. He sits up as the camera zooms in on him.

"Last week, I won my first world title: The ICW Championship. Although I must admit: It's kinda sad to win a world title in a company you helped create. But a title's a title. Speaking of which: ICW's first Champion vs. Champion Match is this Saturday. Me vs. Chrys Genocide. Again. Last time we faced, it was one of the most death-defying, blood-soaking, hardcore Ladder Matches ever. And it was fun. And now we're back in the ring together. Face-to-face. But this is different. This DOES have DQ's, count-outs and rope breaks. SO if I were you, Chrys, I'd control myself. Or else you won't be holdong on to your Destruction Championship for long.See you this Saturday."

Leon disappears into the darkness as the scene ends.
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Champion vs. Champion
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