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 Evolution of Man

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PostSubject: Evolution of Man   Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:00 am

Evolution of Man

“Man has certainly evolved.” A voice states calmly, “I don’t care what denomination, religion, following, or belief system you come from or what it is that you believe, man has evolved in a major way.”

Desmond Haynes stands before the camera, emerging from the darkness and grinning wickedly as he comes face to face with us through our televisions.

He speaks. “As you’ll all know, man has been suggested to have spawned from primates and even fish in some theories.”

He shrugs.

“I won’t argue with that. It’s a very legible and possible conclusion. But since the apes and or fish, we began to humanize. Become accustomed to the environment and essential needs.” He pauses briefly and then goes on. “We eventually came to form the bodies we live in today. Yet man continued to need more! We began to crave and desire bigger and better things.” He laughs. “Technology was evolved into astounding inventions that simplified life and all its wonders.”

He sighs as he cracks his knuckles.

He mutters, “And with such machinery, we needed people to control and keep watch over it. Control it. And thus spawned big wigged holier than thou politicians and fat cats who had all of civilization in their palms, begging for evolution of their already too advanced technology.” He laughed angrily, a little maniacally even. “And so the power of the already self-righteous corporals grew to extreme vastness and they assumed total power over residents.”

He points into the camera.

“You gave up your rights and supremacy out of hunger for more.” He growls. “You made yourself inferior. Vulnerable. Unable to even decide for yourself. You ate up proprietors propaganda and fell in line with what they wanted you to do. Serve them! Exalt their influence even further.”

He shakes his head as he paces.

“And do you know what you did?” Desmond interrogates.

He pushes his hair back and turns back with cold eyes into the camera.

“You gave it to them! Money, power, respect! Because of what they had, you surrendered your ability to think for yourself.” He does the ‘no no’ taunt with his hand. “So man was supposedly at his peak of evolution! Well not anymore. I am Desmond Haynes, and I am the present. I am where evolution stops! I am the epitome of flawlessness. I am my own man, intelligent, athletic, and influential.”

He holds his hand out.

He slowly and ominously speaks,
“So follow me and I will take humanity where it’s supposed to be! Perfection! I can give it to you. Self governing and ability to decide for yourself. No limitations on your powers, I will provide you with unlimited power and infinite authority to oversee yourself instead of some smug tyrant doing it for you!”

He looks to the floor for a couple of moments and then slowly looks back with deep dagger like eyes, that sway emotions with ease.

“I am Desmond Haynes and I am the next step in evolution. Perfection.”

Scene diminishes to blackness as ‘Redemption’ by Shadows Fall plays.
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Evolution of Man
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