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 The Steel Saga - II (Eruption 1.4)

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TJ Tilli

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PostSubject: The Steel Saga - II (Eruption 1.4)   Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:06 am

“Argh” TJ screams out in pain as Steel slaps him across the face.

“Stop it! You’re hurting him!” Isabelle, his fiancée screams out, knowing TJ is in pain.

“I’ll never stop! He took away what is mine! My freedom, my life!” Steel yells out at the two, wind forces rocking their chairs. Blood splattered to the floor as TJ’s head began to split open. What was once blonde hair was now red and bloody, what was once straight was unkempt and horrible. It was a changed face. Dirt and cuts covered his face. Knife marks around his chest. Bruises and gashes in his legs. He was no longer recognisable.

“Son of a bitch” TJ yells out, his arms tied to his sides.

“Shut up” Steel spits at TJ kicking his leg.

And all I have is hope
And all I need is time
To bury in pine under six feet of time
The lies I told me about myself.
Claw my way out,
Pick the splinters from under my fingernails.
I won’t lose hope,
I won’t give in.

Cracks are heard as Steel’s leg smashes against TJ’s. The yells of pain should be heard light years away. But nothing can be heard, in the deep dark room in Steel’s basement.

I won’t lose hope; I won’t give in. I can do this. I can fight him.

Steel’s laughter is cut short by a yell and then a struggle as TJ tries to free himself from the ropes. His cries of pain, unusual for a man so strong.

I will not be broken
Though I am the one that bleeds
I will not be broken
I am the one

Zack Blaze, I’ve beaten you once. I can beat you again. I am the one, I will not be broken. I am TJ Tilli, and I’m here to get what is rightfully mine. The ICW Championship. You better be ready, I’m coming for you...

And I say thank you for the scars
With the guilt and the pain
Every tear I've never cried
Has sealed your fucking fate
Did you take me for, a fool
Or were you just too blind to see
That every effort made has failed
And there is no destroying me

Lyrics from The Crimson - Atreyu; You Eclipsed By Me - Atreyu

Leon Lonewolf
Desmond Haynes
TJ Tilli
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The Steel Saga - II (Eruption 1.4)
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