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 Newb or Noob?

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PostSubject: Newb or Noob?   Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:25 pm


"Forever" by Red plays in the background and Leon Lonewolf sits on a stool in a dark room. The camera zooms in as the lyrics begin.

"Why did Brownlee put me against a newcomer? Oh well. It doesn't matter. I'll still win anyway. Erick Sands, you may be a 2-time Champion, but I'm a World Champion. I was a Tag Team, Intercontinental and Hardcore Champion, so the odds are against you, so I'll finish you in a heartbeat or two.

"Then I have to deal with either Zack Blaze or TJ Tilli next week. Both men are great friends outside the ring, but inside, unless we are tag team partners, we're rivals with but one common goal: Gold. I will defend this ICW Championship will all my heart and soul, even if it kills me. TJ Tilli...Zack Blaze...Erick Sands. Your all mine."

"Forever" continues to play in the background as the camera zooms out. Fade to Black.
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Newb or Noob?
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