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 Zack Blaze - Last Chance: My Journey

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PostSubject: Zack Blaze - Last Chance: My Journey   Tue Mar 30, 2010 6:55 am

“Journey” plays softly in the background as Zack Blaze is shown in the ring with the lights out and a spotlight is shining upon him.

“Last week, I came so close to beating TJ Tilli.”

Zack Blaze is at the top rope as TJ Tilli stands to his feet. He turns around and is hit with a tornado DDT! Zack staggers down for the pin, is it over? The referee slides into place for the pinfall, 1! 2! 3—No! Zack stares blankly into space as he can’t believe it!

“But I failed. I failed in my quest for the ICW World Title.”

Tilli is leaning on the ropes, then turns around and is met with a Super Kick! This has got to do it! Zack covers as the referee is in position, 1! 2! 3—No! Unbelievable!

“I can’t let it happen again.”

Zack Blaze is on the top rope again, looking to finish it right here! He jumps, but TJ Tilli catches him in mid air and hits a huge Breaking Point! He slowly gets the arm around Zack Blaze, 1! 2! 3! TJ Tilli is the number one contender!

“And I won’t”

The spotlight abruptly shuts off as wells does the music, but then continues as the main lights blast back on, showing Blaze with the ICW Championship in his hands.

“Next week I will not—no—I can’t let it slip. Next week I have to bring my ‘A-Game’, and there will be nothing stopping me from capturing my first World Title in ICW. I don’t care if I have to pin TJ Tilli. I don’t care if I have to pin one of my best friends here in ICW, Leon Lonewolf. I will become ICW World Heavyweight Champion. And I’m going to do it ‘One-Two-Three’. Leon Lonewolf, TJ Tilli, watch out, because when I step into that ring this Saturday, I’m not going to be there for just another match. I’m going to be there for THE match. I have been waiting all my life for this, ever since I was a little kid, growing up in Chicago, watchin Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, and Shawn Michaels. I‘ve always wanted to be a world champion like them, and this Saturday, I have the chance, and I’m not going to miss it.”

The ICW Championship slowly fades away in Blaze’s hands as the lights and music fade.
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Zack Blaze - Last Chance: My Journey
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