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 Saturday Night Eruption 2.1

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Eruption 2.1   Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:13 am

2 really long matches tonight, each lasting around 20-30 minutes. First is Chrys Genocide cashing his Rematch Clause against Desmond Haynes for the ICW Destruction Championship. The match went both ways and even without weapons, both men were bloodied and bruised, but in the end, Desmond countered Brain Damage and hit the Evolutionizer for the win.

Next is a Triple Threat Match for the ICW Championship between Leon Lonewolf, TJ Tilli and Zack Blaze. GM Tyler Brownlee comes out and makes this match a Triple Threat Elimination Match. All 3 men went all out, even Double Teamed here and there. TJ Tilli was the first to be eliminated after Lonewolf countered Breaking Point and connected a Lionheart. Almost immediately hit a Thousand Volt Impact and picked up the win. Lonewolf, who was surprised, congratulate him on the win. All of a sudden, a man with face paint comes out and attacks both Lonewolf and Blaze. He grabs a mic and announces his name to be Xavier Serikaz.
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Saturday Night Eruption 2.1
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