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 Saturday Night Eruption 2.3

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Eruption 2.3   Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:44 am

Before the firstthe first match began,Chrys Genocide argues why he's reduced to "killing" local punks. He will destroy him and go for the ICW Destruction Championship.

Genocide crushed the local star, Aaron Koblowski, with a shair shot to the head when the ref was down.

The next match was a Hardcore Match between TJ Tilli and Desmond Haynes for the Destruction Championship. Another well-fought match, but in the end, TJ Tilli countered The Evolutionizer with Breaking Point for the win

The Main Event sees Zack Blaze defending his title against Leon Lonewolf and Xavier Serikaz. Lonewolf hits a Lionsault on Tilli on the outside, knocking out Blaze, but then Serikaz and Lonewolf brawled. None bothered to move Blaze back in the ring for a cover and the match ended in a Triple Count-Out, resulting in Blaze retaining the title. This concludes the show.
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Saturday Night Eruption 2.3
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