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 Another Federation, another domination

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PostSubject: Another Federation, another domination   Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:07 am

(The camera fades in to show Awesome Cobain departing the Inferno Championship Wrestling headquarters. He has a hellacious grin on his face and a very up-market full black suit. His hands are empty and you can see in his shoulders that he is very relaxed, he walks over to his awaiting limo and opens up the door he goes to step in but stops, he places his hand on the top of the car and taps it with his fingers a few times. He turns to the camera drops his hand from the car and places both his hands in his pocket, looking very casual he begins.)

"I am Awesome Cobain, I'm certain you've all seen me before, whether it was in my original federation, NAW where I won the money in the bank ladder match followed by the world championship for the first time. Or it may have been my second federation in UWA, where I won the United states championship and was about to become a double champion with the US title and the IC title but it was cut short by the owner of the federation. Or maybe again, it was a second run for me in NAW where I came so, so close to becoming another world champion or finally, it could've been XWF. The places where I am currently the world champion and the way it's going to be for a long time to come. So now, lets all confirm that I am still with XWF, I just want another federation to play around with because lets be honest, I have enough standard in wrestling to take on two federations and hold two world championships! In fact, the fans should expect me to do something of that standard at the very least because I.... Awesome Cobain and worth so much more than just that."

(He slams his car door shut to keep the warm air inside.)

"The reason you're seeing me on my camera right now is because I need to explain everything to all of you and that is about how I came to be apart of this wrestling company, well it's all quite simple to be honest, my tag team partner and good friend, TJ Tilli invited me over and told me that we should wreck havoc over here and show the world just what we're capable of. But lets be honest, I'm the strong half of our tag team and the more titles the better so I guess on top of my current world championship and my soon to come world championship, I still need to carry Tilli so I can win tag team titles in not just ICW but also XWF. But you never know, we'll see I guess. There isn't much left for me to prove in wrestling, I've proven myself in the best wrestling federation there ever was, NAW. I've proven that I am capable of winning world championships tremendously fast, in any federation and well there isn't much more I can accomplish. I've done nearly everything all those twelve year old fans dream of. But in my eyes, there is always more and if I conquer one federation well I will hold my ground there and begin to conquer another fedeartion till I am more international recognized than any person to have ever walked this earth. Starting right now, my journey for the world championship begins!"

(He holds his chin up high.)

"I also have to prove something with the Australian Defiance, because I'm going to tell you the truth, we haven't done anything worthy but then again we've had hardly any opportunities but that doesn't mean anything because I know that no matter what anyone says, we're going to dominate the world of wrestling.... when our time comes that is and I've decided that I decide when our time comes and I'm telling you all right now, that the time begins.... now! All in all, this is just another federation and another federation means another domination for Awesome Cobain."

(He opens up his limo door and steps in as the camera fades out.)
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Another Federation, another domination
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