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 Saturday Night Eruption 2.4

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Eruption 2.4   Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:04 am

"This Fire Burns" Plays on the P/A and Red and white fireworks ignite on stage as the decent crowd cheers for another episode of Saturday Night Eruption. The camera pans to the crowd as they cheer, punped for the action to begin. It pans, this time, to the commentators table as Matt Striker and Tazz talk inaudible, then turns to the camera and their audio is turned on.

MS: Hello and welcome to Saturday Night Eruption. I'm Matt Striker alongside Tazz. And boy, do we have a great show, tonight.

Tazz: You said it. Desmond Haynes cashes in his Rematch Clause against TJ Tilli for the Destruction Championship, but the rules of the title state that a special stipulation must be in place in the title defense and the Haynes chooses a Ladder Match. Tilli is a Ladder Match master in the ICW and might have the advantage here.

MS: And our Main event shall be an epic one. Last week, Leon Lonewolf cashed in his rematch clause against Zack Blaze for the ICW Championship and Xavier Serikaz was added to the bout. That match ended in a Triple Count-Out when Blaze was knocked out and Leonand Xavier brawled outside the ring. Our General Manager Tyler Brownlee announced that the match would re-do. Same contenders. Same rules. The only addition is that it is Falls Count Anywhere.

"Left for Dead" by Papercut Massacre hits the P/A and Tyler Brownlee enters the stage in big pop. He greets the fans as he walks down the ramp and into the ring. He requests a mic and begins to make an announcement.

TB: How are you all doin', this fine Saturday Night? *The crowd pops. Of course, they are having a fine night.* Well good. Cuz I have some announcements that will blow your mind. First off is our Main Event. After last week, I'm issuing that the Triple Threat Match between Leon Lonewolf, Zack Blaze, and Xavier Serikaz for the ICW Championship will start all over again tonight, but this time, it'll be Falls Count Anywhere. *The crowd pops* Second, our first Pay-Per-View, Slamathon, will be 1 month from tonight. And boy, do I have 2 great matches for that night. First off, next week, every Superstar in that locker room will compete in a Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender for the ICW Championship at Slamathon. *huge pop from the crowd.* And third, starting next week, we will hold a Tag Team Tournament. 2 teams will face off next week and then another 2 the following week. The winners of those 2 matches will face each other at Slamathon for the ICW...Tag Team Championship. *HUGE pop from the crowd* Ya like that? Good. Have a good night.

"Left for Dead" plays on the P/A again and Leon heads backstage with huge pop from the crowd.

MS: Wow. What announcements from Tyler Brownlee. First a Battle Royal to become the ICW Championship #1 Contender, then a Tag Team Tournament. This will be intense.

Tazz: Indeed, Matt. Now, later tonight, we will announce next week's tag teams that will compete in the Tournament.But for now, we go to Tony Roberts who will announce our opening bout.

Triple A comes out from behind the curtain, as the "Prisoner" by Iron Maiden is played. He makes his way down the ramp.

Tony Roberts: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Approaching the ring, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, weighing in at 215 pounds: Triple A!!!

Triple A climbs the turnbuckles and taunts the crowd with a cocky smile on his face. He climbs down and awaits his opponent.

"Howling" hit’s the PA as Jerry Static runs out to screaming fans. He taunts at the top of the stage, before running down the ramp, and sliding into the ring.

TR: And his opponent, from wilmington, Delaware, weighing in at 183 pounds: JERRY STATIC!!!

MS: This match looks like it’s going to be a good one!

Tazz: Indeed it does. Jerry Static looks very speedy.

MS: Here we go!

[Ding Ding Ding]

The match starts with the casual test of strength. Triple A pushes Jerry Static towards the turnbuckle, but Jerry breaks out of it, and kicks Triple A to the gut. Triple A holds his gut as Jerry Static grabs his head in a headlock, and drives his head down to the ground!

MS: Nice DDT early by Jerry Static!

Jerry covers Triple A.


Triple A kicks out.

Tazz: Jerry was looking for the early win there, but way too early.

Triple A gets to his feet again, and charges at Jerry Static for a clothesline. Jerry jumps over Triple A’s arm making Triple A runs and bounces off the ropes. He rebounds back towards Jerry Static but Jerry hit’s him with a dropkick!

MS: Great athleticism shown by Jerry Static!

Jerry looks down at Triple A, then runs to the turnbuckle. He climbs up, and points to the crowd, before jumping off connecting a frog splash! He goes for the pin.


Triple A kicks out again!

Tazz: I think it’s going to take a fair bit of effort to stop Triple A from kicking out!

Triple A gingerly gets up, before Jerry Static runs at him. Triple A grabs Jerry Static, and picks him up, turning it into a suplex! Jerry Static hit’s the ground hard, and rolls around on the floor, before rolling out of the ring.

MS: Jerry Static getting out of the ring to stop any momentum from Triple A.

Tazz: Smart!

Jerry Static tries to get into the ring under the ropes, before Triple A connects a baseball slide sending him back down to the floor! Triple A steps over the ropes, and jumps down near Jerry Static.

MS: Triple A is now going in for the attack!

Triple A gets Jerry Static back up to his feet, Triple A get’s behind him and picks him up for the Killer Lullaby! Triple A slams him down to the hard floor outside the ring!

MS: Triple A connects a vicious Killer Lullaby!

Tazz: But he can’t pin Jerry Static outside of the ring!

Triple A drags Jerry Static towards the steel steps and then gets into the ring. Triple A pulls Jerry Static up from the outside of the ring up onto the turnbuckle.

MS: Pure strength from Triple A!

Tazz: What’s he going for here?

Triple A and Jerry Static both stand on the turnbuckle, and Triple A picks him up, and super-plexs him off of the turnbuckle! Jerry Static hit’s the ground hard, and holds his back. Triple A looks around before climbing the turnbuckle.

MS: I think he’s going for a high risk move!

Tazz: He’s pretty big to be doing this!

Triple A get’s to the top, before leaping off with a flying elbow. Jerry Static lifts his knee’s up into the air, as Triple A crashes into them, and bounces off holding his gut. Jerry gingerly get’s up.
MS: Good counter there from Jerry Static!

Jerry runs up to Triple A, and locks in the Boston Crab! Triple A tries to get him off but can’t, he then tries to get over to the ropes. He crawls towards them with the Boston Crab still locked in, he reaches out, and grabs the bottom rope as the referee tells Jerry Static to get off of him.

Tazz: I thought Jerry Static had the match there!

Jerry Static makes his way over to the other side of the ring, as Triple A slowly gets up. Triple A finally gets up, and turns to see Jerry Static running at him. Jerry Static connects a super kick to the jaw of Triple A!

Tazz: That was awesome!

Jerry quickly runs to the top rope, and taunts to the crowd. He leaps off with a 450 splash down onto Triple A!

MS: That was the Static Splash!

Tazz: Surely it’s over now!

Jerry covers Triple A as the ref counts the pin.


[Ding… Ding… Ding!]

Tazz: I told you! He won it!

MS: Impressive victory by the young man!

Jerry Static gets up and pumps his fists into the air.

TR: The winner of the match, JERRY STATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

MS: And what a debut match for Jerry Static.

Tazz: Indeed, Matt. I have a feeling he'll do great things here in the ICW

MS: Don't go away. Up next is TJ Tilli vs. Desmond Haynes for the ICW Destruction Championship in a Ladder Match.


We return from commercial break and Will Hammel is backstage with 2 newcomers. I had a mohaw and looks like a Hardcore Punk. The other has long hair and a cocky smile.

WH: I'm Will Hammel with 2 newcomers that will debut next week. They are MC Steel and Awesome Cobain. We'll start with Steel. What got you to sign with ICW?

MC: Well, Will, Almost anywhere TJ Tilli goes,I go. I've known him since we were tots and we've held numerous Tag Team Titles together. And next week, Lethal Injection will make a statement here in the ICW.

WH: Thank you, Steel. Cobain. Same question.

AC: Well, I've traveled from company to company and I usually leave due to contract issues, but I know Brownlee well and I know he aint gonna screw with me. The Australians have invaded ICW.

Both Steel and Cobain glared into the camera as the scene pans back into the ring.

MS: Ladies and Gentlemen we will now find out who the first pairing will be for next week's match.

A Slotmachine with 2 slots appears on the Tron. the bar is pulled by itself and begins spinning. It begins to slow down and finally stops...

MS: Whoa, now here's a good pairing.

Tazz: I dont know, Matt. Triple A and Erick Sands are good wrestler, but have yet to win here in the ICW

MS: Well, it'll be Sands and Triple A vs. 1 other team and we will findout later tonight.

[Ding Ding Ding]
TR: The following match is a ladder match for the ICW destruction championship!

"Falling Down" by Atreyu blast through the speakers of the arena and TJ Tilli walks out from the backstage area followed by Talia Madison, you can see a grin on his face as he points to his ICW destruction championship and Talia nods at all the fans saying that he's going to win.

TR: Here is your first competitor, reigning from Perth, Australia, weighing in at 215 pounds, he is the current ICW Destruction Champion: T...........J...... Tilli!

He raises both he hands into the air and plays to the cheering fans, he then sprints down to the ring and slides in, before jumping up his feet and onto the top rope, he raises his fists into the air and the fans begin a TJ Tilli chant, he looks around at the audience and smiles with pride. Talia slowly walks up to the ring shaking her ass for some of the male fans. TJ jumps off the top rope back into the ring, where Talia is now standing she begins to make out with Tilli and they grope each other in front of all the fans, Talia eventually breaks away and leaves the ring Tilli then waits for his opponent.

"Redemption" by Shadows Fall plays through the arena and the fans begin to boo and boo. When suddenly Desmond walks down to the ring with a grin on his face. He laughs at all the fans who are booing him and begins to mouth Thank You, Thank You.

TR: Here is the challenger, reigning from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 213 pounds, he is Mr. Evolution! Desmond J............ Haynes!

The fans stop their booing and he begins to get no reaction from the crowd. But still he walks cockily down to the ring and slides in, staring directly into TJ Tilli's eyes, they go toe to toe and Desmond's music fades out. They go toe to toe and the referee breaks them up, they both stand in their corners and the referee calls for the bell.

Firstly they hook up in a test of strength slowly Desmond's small height advantage begins to over power Tilli and desmond forces him away quickly followed with a stiff knee to his chest. Tilli pulls back and clenches at his chest as the wind was forced out of him. He then hooks the back of his neck and hits him with another knee to the chest, Tilli falls to his knees and Desmond hits him with an array of kicks to the chest and head. Tilli falls forward to the ground and Desmond laughs at how simple that was, Desmond then jumps on the back of Tilli and goes for a crossface, Tilli quickly, escapes though and rolls out of the ring away from desmond, Desmon then begins to follow him and TJ runs away only to turn around and floor Desmond with a huge uppercut to the jaw, Tilli then grabs the closest standing up ladder and on the still ground Desmond he lifts the ladder up high and slams it firmly onto him. Desmond screams in pain and Tilli laughs, Tilli then places the ladder on the ground next to Desmond and pulls Desmond up to his feet, he then plants him back down with a strong eliminator right onto the ladder. Desmond scrambles around the ground in pain clenching his back. Tilli just gets up with ease. He then picks up the ladder and tosses it under the bottom rope back into the ring, he follows it quickly into the ring and sets it up, he places it just below where his title is and begins to climb, he gets up to the third step and looks at Desmond who is now standing. And Tilli decides otherwise and jumps off the ladder getting ready to have a fist fight with Desmond. Desmond though, just runs straight into the ring and goes for a Follow the leader on TJ Tilli, but Tilli counters catching him in places and quickly, he slams his back to the mat executing a powerful powerbomb. He then looks at the ladder and smiles.

MS: Scary eyes on the face of Tilli there.

Tazz: What does he have in mind will? We're going to find out now!

Tilli leaves the ring with Desmond still on the ground and begins looking under the ring and finally pulls out a table, he looks around at all the fans and smiles with glee. He nods his head and the fans begin to cheer, he throws the table into the ring and by this time Desmond is standing again and out of nowhere he runs up the ladder hoping to get the title quickly, Tilli still out of the ring sees this and jumps into the ring, before he drop kicks the ladder over but just before he hit the ladder Desmond jumped off and now Tilli still on the ground begins to get up only to recieve a massive boot to the back of his head. Desmond then lays a few boots onto Tilli who you can see is in pain, he then grabs the table and sets it up near the ropes, and picks TJ up to his feet, he places Tilli on the table and lays a few strong punches into his head, he tries to place him on the table but Tilli quickly sees what's happening and gives Desmond an eye gouge the fans laugh at this and Tilli then falls him with a clothesline, Tilli then leaves the ring, before Desmond can re-coperate he begins to climb the ladder, going as fast as he can and Desmond still groggy, manages to push the ladder over making Tilli fall down to the mat and landing awkwardly on his ankle, you can see a look of pain on his face as he grabs his ankle and desmond smiles grabbing the ladder and setting it back up, he takes one last glance at TJ Tilli and begins to climb the ladder towards the title, as he's climbing TJ crawls along the ground towards the ladder and tries to push it over, it slowly rocks and as it does Desmond grabs onto the belt, as he's trying to undo it, the ladder finally falls over but Desmon holds on to the title and begins to sway in the air. Tilli looks up and sees this so slowly he gets to his feet, and smiles, still with a small limp he climbs up the the top rope and points at Desmond before doing a huge flawless jump into a missle dropkick sending Desmond right down to the mat.

MS: Oh my god! Did you see that fall!

Tazz: Did you see that drop kick!

Desmond lays lifeless on the mat as does TJ Tilli but slowly you can see that Tilli still has life in himself as he crawls over to the ropes and pulls himself up to his feet, he cracks his neck as his strength slowly comes back to him. He begins to walk over to the ladder and sets it up again, hoping to finally grab his title and retain. He sets it up and looks up at the ICW destruction championship, he grins and begins to climb up the ladder. Getting a few rungs closer to the title, when out of no where Desmond begins to climb up the ladder at a moderate pace, Tilli sees this so he begins to force himself up the ladder faster and he reaches the top of the ladder first, trying to grab the title belt, Desmond gets level with Tilli and gives him a swift punch to the gut, Tilli grabs at his guts and then Desmond goes to grab the title but Tilli hits him in the face and hooks the back of his head setting him up for a cyclorama, Desmond tries to break out but he can't, Tilli tries to flip him but desmond blocks it by hooking his foot on the ladder, Tilli quickly punches him in the stomach and flips him over the ladder hitting a huge cyclorama right onto the table still set up inside the ring!

MS: This..... this is no longer a match, somebody should call this off.

Tazz: Are you kidding? It's great, and it's only going to get better!

Tilli gets back up to his feet quickly as Desmond lays on the ground lifeless, Tilli laughs and begins to climb up the ladder but stops and looks back down at Desmond, he chuckles and jumps off the ladder, he picks up Desmond's lifeless body and hooks both his arms right before he floors him with a breaking point, slamming his face into the ground. He then climbs back up the ladder and when he reaches the top he taunts to the fans before taking down his title belt.

TR: Here is your winner and stillllllllll, ICW Destruction Champion! TJ Tilli!

The fans cheer.

MS: A great brutal match fought here but TJ Tilli came out on top!

Tazz: Lets hope the World Title match can top this, as this was one of the greatest matches in ICW so far!


MS: Welcome back to Eruption and we will now find out who will face Erick Sands and Triple A next week in the first round of the Tag Team tournament.

Tazz: This otta be good.

The slot machine appears again,spinning itself. It begins to slow down and then finally stops...

The crowd pops like crazy

MS: Holy sh!t! What a pairing.

Tazz: Lethal Injection comes to ICW,baby. I'm lovin' this

MS: So next week will have MC Steel debut, teaming with TJ Tilli against Erick Sands and Triple A.

[Ding Ding Ding]

TR: "The following match is a Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere Match for the ICW championship!"

"Thousand Foot Krutch" by Phenomenon blasts through the PA system and Zack Blaze swiftly walks out from behind the titantron with a mean look on his face and his championship belt resting on his waist, he looks at the crowd with respect as he gets a very mixed reaction, he doesn't take anytime getting down to the ring as he sprints towards it and slides into it.

TR: Here is the first competitor, reigning from Chicago Illinois, weighing in at 187 lbs, he is your current ICW champion: 'The Hidden Spark' Zack................. Blazeeeeeeeeeee!

The crowd continue to give Zack a mixed reaction as he tries to win them over by doing a few taunts and throwing his arms up into the air. He is just getting the crowd into it, when he hands his title belt to the referre who places it next to the announce table. He jumps around the ring as the music fades away waiting for his next competitor.

"Pushing the Limits" by Enigma plays through the arena quite softly before getting louder and louder blasting the fans away, still behind the music you can hear a chorus of boos as Xavier Serikaz walks out from behind the titantron. He looks very cocky as he stares at Zack Blaze, he points at his title belt and murmurs that it's his. Zack Blaze just chuckles and gives him the finger.

TR: Here is one of the challengers, from Saint Paul, Minnesota, weighing in at 220 lbs: 'The Enigma" Xavier........ Serikazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

The crowd let out another chorus of boos as Xavier begins to look mad, he doesn't even take notice of the fans as he storms down to the ring and just circles the ring, he keeps his eyes firmly on Zack Blaze as they wait for the third competitor.

"Maybe I'm a Lion" by The Black Mages plays through the arena and the crowd jump to their feet giving a standing ovation for Leon Lonewolf who appears after a few seconds of the cheering, Leon looks at the ring and then at the title. He looks back at the ring and smiles.

TR: Your final competitor for this match, reigning from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 28 lbs: LEON...... LONEWOLF!

Leon panders to the fans and gets a bigger ovation as he runs down to the ring and slides in swiftly, he tackles Zack to the floor giving him a tremdous thump of punches, Xavier climbs in the ring and tries to kick Leon in the ribs only to be speared to the ground. Leon stands up next to both his fallen competitors and roars!

MS: "Has this match started yet?"

Tazz: "No, the bell hasn't rung, but it looks as Leon already has this match won."

MS: Remember folks,this may be Falls Count Anywhere, but this still has Disqualification Rules in play

The ref calls for the bell and the match begins, Leon looks at both of the fallen superstars and chuckles, he starts off by dropkicking Xavier out of the ring and then grabs Zack in a headlock, beginning to wear him down. Desmond lets out a bunch of grunts and groans as he rolls around the ring outside quite dazed and out of it. Leon holds a tight side headlock onto Zack Blaze as Zack tries to get to the bottom rope, Zack is unsuccessful but he manages to get enough strength just to get Leon off him and while he's just about to break the headlock he hits a strong elbow to the gut of Leon and he falls to the ground Zack laughs and lays a massive boot to the face of Leon, making him fall the ground like a rock. At the same moment, Xavier rushes back into the ring and tries to hit Zack with a shining wizard and only for Zack to step back as Xavier tries to put his foot on his thigh and he falls forward right into Zacks hands who slams Xavier's head onto his knee, making him fall to the ground, Zack walks over to the top rope and begins to climb, the fans cheer as they see him going for a high risk maveour. As he gets to the top rope, Xavier now standing, tries to knock him off but Zack kicks him in the making him fall down onto his back, Zack gets the fans cheering and then jumps off the top rope making his leg land on Xavier's head executing a Destination Pain. Xavier lies their lifelessly as Zack looks to be in a bit of pain from the fall, in this time, Leon capatilizes and goes for a pin on Xavier, 1............... 2............. kick out! Leon punches the ground in anger as him and Zack both get to their feet. They begin to throw punch for punch and move more towards the centre of the ring, still throwing punch for punch Leon manages to gain the upperhand and he goes for a spine buster only to be countered with a huge DDT, slamming his head right into the ground. Zack gets straight back up to his feet and wastes no time, first laying an elbow drop to the face of Leon, making Leon jumps around in pain. He then steps over Leon, picks up his legs and begins to go for a boston crab, only to have Leon counter and flip him into the ropes, Leon quickly gets to his feet and unleashes a flurry of clotheslines on Zack who gets back up until a final clothesline makes him flip over and land awkwardly on his neck.

MS: Great clothesline their by Leon.

Tazz: He is my favourite to win this match.

Leon picks up Zack and smiles at him, setting him up for the fiery heart. He gets the fans hyped up for it and goes to flip Zack, but Zack counters, spinning himself out of it going for a clothesline, Only to have Leon duck it and hook his arms again nailing the fiery heart on him. At this point, Xavier is standing quite groggy, Leon looks at him with preying eyes and smirking very slyly. Still with preying eyes, Leon hits a huge uppercut to Xavier's throat making him stumble back into the corner of the ring, Leon runs forward hitting a small splash, before grabbing his Xavier's head and nailing a huge running bulldog in the centre of the ring. Leon gets to his feet while, Xavier stays grounded and Leon goes straight over to Zack who is layed out and goes for a pin hooking the leg 1............ 2............... kick out! Leon argues with the referee for a bit and the ref just shakes his head. Leon turns around from the ref to go back to Xavier only to have Xavier tackle him to the floor and slam a few quick punches into his head, while Leon is on the ground, Xavier quickly capaitalizes and hits two consecutive knee drops onto Leon's head. Leon lays completely unconscious after the knee drops and Xavier lets no time escape as he flips Leon over locking in a powerful ankle lock, Leon screams in pain and quickly tries to go for the bottom rope, scrambling out of fear and pain, but Xavier has it locked in tightly, the ref asks Leon if he wants to tap a few times but Leon just shakes his head and tries to escape the hold, crawling with all his might and will aiming for the bottom rope but he is cemented in the middle of the ring, Xavier lets out a vicious roar as Leon screams in pain, suddenly, Zack lands a huge forearm smash right onto the head of Xavier, making a small cut in his head, but even the small cut makes blood begin to rush out. The hold breaks as Xavier falls to the ground, but the damage has been done to Leon's foot as he has a look of intense pain in his eyes. Zack firstly lays a boot into the bleeding head of Xavier and then goes straight to the ankle of Leon, seeing an advantage and first he lays a few stomps into it. Making Leon howl in pain again, Leon tries to crawl away but Zack just keeps his foot tightly on the ankle of Leon crushing it into the hard mat. Eventually he lets Leon go and laughs, Leon scrambles out of the ring onto the floor, finally getting time to rest his ankle. Xavier, on the ground, now with a full crimson mask, looks up at Zack with clearly blurry vision. He tries to stand but he can't as he collapses in a heap.

MS: A large amount of blood loss right there!

Tazz: That's the thing, even small cuts to the head can cause big damage!

Zack walks over to him and pretends to look down on him with sympathy but just looks around at all the fans and begins to get them pumped up as he pulls Xavier to his feet. He grabs Xavier's head and plants him to the floor with a strong neckbreaker, moving very slowly, he begins to pick him up again. Trying to mock him and show the crowd how worthless he is, he holds his collar and begins to slap him around, before setting him up for a belly to belly supplex, hitting it with ease and quickly getting back to his feet, he grabs hold of Xavier's shirt and begins to drag him towards the ropes placing his neck on the rope, he begins to choke him standing on his back while Xavier's neck is on the rope the referee tries to push Zack off him but he won't budge, so the ref begins counting 1....... 2...... 3...... 4..... Zack pulls off on the last second. You can see Xavier still gagging and squirming around nearly throwing up. Zack just laughs and picks him back up to his feet, Zack grabs Xavier's arm and spins him around hooking his head and planting him back down to the floor with a strong inverted DDT. Zack then begins to stalk Xavier, waiting for him to get to his feet, it takes quite a few mintues but Xavier finally gets to his feet and Zack runs in, kicking him in the gut and putting his head between his legs going for a Canadian Destroyer, but Xavier counters hooking Zack's arms and going for a X Breaker but Zack manages to swing out of it, before getting a swift punch right to the head of Xavier and then flooring him with a huge thousand volt impact, leaving Xavier, lying totally out of it. At this point, Leon had recovered and had just been waiting for then to wear each other down, so while Zack is playing to all the fans, Leon runs in, without him noticing and as Zack turns around, Leon kicks him in the gut, throws him between his legs and flips him up slamming him straight back down with a huge lionheart, he crawls onto Zack going for a pin 1......... 2........ 3!

[Ding Ding Ding]

TR: Here is your winner, and NEW ICW Champion: Leon Lonewolf

"Maybe I'm a Lion" by The Black Mages plays throughout the arena, and Leon gets to his feet still with a slight limp, the referee hands him his title belt and he holds it up for the fans who let out a roar of cheering. Streamers begin to reign down and he kisses his title before holding it back up for the fans too see. He jumps out of the ring and walks off backstage as the camera fades out.

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Saturday Night Eruption 2.4
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