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 Leon Lonewolf!

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PostSubject: Leon Lonewolf!   Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:38 pm

(Awesome Cobain is sitting in his apartment looking very bored, he is wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts and socks, he's watching some stupid sitcom that he doesn't find funny, he's slowly flicking through the channels as he stops on a commercial break with an ad for ICW's next show. He see's that he has to fight Leon Lonewolf and fight in a battle royal, now looking towards the camera grinning, he opens his mouth.)

"Well, well, well, seems like me and none other than the biggest chump in the world, who happens to be a champion, have a match together. One on One. A true man fight, no weapons, no double teaming, just one on one and let me say this, Leon Lonewolf. You cannot take me down, I am indestructable. I am the current XWF world championsh and we all know I am the future ICW champion who is going to absolutely destroy everybody that tries to walk through this federation. Whether it be you, Zack Blaze, TJ Tilli anybody. I will throw them back on their asses and make them look like bitches, or more, my bitches SO anyway, back to the main topic. Leon Lonewolf, the current ICW champion, only one of two to ever be that champion and it's also his second title run so I guess we can all be honest here and say that Leon has some talent and he deserves some credibility. But does he have the credibility to be able to beat someone of my statue? With my previous title runs and all the things that I've achieve, I personally think he can't match me and no matter how hard he tries, he won't be able to knock me down for a three count but here's the thing Leon, try and prove me wrong, I fricken dare you to try because the second you try, I will unleash everything I've got on you and if I have too, I will end you! Obliterate you! Remember Leon, Eruption three point one, is where you're title reign and possible future reigns end. Because I am going to beat you then I'm going to go on and win the battle royal picking up two victories in one night and showing the world that I am a true champion and that I am worthy of holding my future belt that currently rests on your waist."

(He smirks smugly.)

"I've won my fair share of world championships in my time Leon, I've won an NAW championship, I've won a united states title in what I remember being my second match over in UWA, I won the world championship in XWF in my second match. But I guess all of that is because I am just so good at what I do, I was born to wrestle and I was born to be at the top. I'm going to take every single possible title I can, win them and dominate that fed for as long as I can and I must say, there are a few wrestlers out there that can beat me. Just a few but they exist. But not in this federation, not in ICW. In fact the people that can beat me are long retired and I'm going to make the claim that I am the greatest wrestler who ever lived. Whether you like it or not, Leon. Next saturday night when we step in the ring together and we go toe to toe, I'm going to show you who the real champion is and I'm also going to show the fans. I am Awesome Cobain. I am a champion. And I most certainly am going to kick your goddamn ass and earn your respect, in fact, I'm going to make you squeal like a girl. So all the fans can see what you truly are like, I'm going to make you cry for your mummy all because you hold one thing that I want and I believe you don't have enough credibility to be holding a world championship and well... I guess I've said enough for right now at least."

(He chuckles.)

"I hope you have a few words of your own to express to me because I want you too, I want you to tell me exactly how you think this shit is ganna go down, oh and I forgot to mention earlier, shit.... is ganna go down!"

(He laughs hysterically as the camera fades out.)
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Leon Lonewolf!
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