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 Saturday Night Eruption 3.1

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Eruption 3.1   Tue May 04, 2010 6:37 am

A wave of red and white fireworks ignite as the shows current theme, "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage, hits on the P/A Thousands of fans cheer as the camera zooms by them,hoping to get some camera action. Several fans hold on signs such as "Howlin for Lonewolf", "Lethal Injection FTW" and "Xavier is my Savior". The camera pans to the two commentators, Matt Striker and Tazz,wearing spiffy new suits.

MS: Hello, everyone. Welcome to ICW's Saturday Night Eruption. Matt Striker here alongside Tazz, and boy do we have a show for you.

Tazz: Slamathon is just 3 weeks from today and our Main Event is a Over the Top Rope Battle Royal featuring the ICW Locker Room for a shot at the ICW Championship.

MS: Also, our first Tag Team Match for the new Titles at Slamathon. TJ Tilli and MC Steel collide against Erik Sands and Triple A.

Tazz: ICW Champion Leon Lonewolf will face off against the debuting Awesome Cobain and we find out who next week's Tag Teams will face off.

MS: Now let's get started.

A remix of "Dammit" by Blink-182 and "Falling Down" by Atreyu plays through the PA system and blasts out towards the audience, the crowd give a very mixed reaction to the music but after a few seconds TJ Tilli and MC steel walk out, closely followed by Talia Madison.

TM: The following Tag Team contest is scheduled for One-Fall. Making their way to the ring, accompanied by Talia Madison, at a combined total of 415 lbs: MC Steel, TJ Tilli: Lethal Injection.

They slowly make there way to the ring, Talia and MC steel are very arrogant and don't pay attention to any of the fans, but Tilli runs around hi fiving fans and getting them all excited. They both enter the ring, while Talia Madison waits seductively at ringside.

MS: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the first time TJ and MC tag together here in ICW and what a treat it is.

A simple remix of "The Prisoner" by Iron Maiden and "Super Beast" by Rob Zombie blasts through the PA system and the crowd let a chorus of boo's out, as Erick Sands and Triple A appear at the top of the ramp, they point to the crowd and taunt them. Right before sprinting down to the ring and diving in, Triple A gets out of the ring but Ericks stays in.

And their opponents, at a combined total of 438 lbs: the team of Erick Sands and Triple A.

Tilli and Erick start in the ring they begin by dancing around a little bit and trying to get a few punches in, Tilli then manages to get a headlock onto Erick and takes him down to the ground, still with a strong side headlock, Erick scrambles around a bit trying to get him off but he can't. Tilli smiles and gives a strong punch right to the nose of Erick, putting Erick quite out of it, Erick tries to move towards the ropes but Tilli won't budge. SO Erick tries to power out of it and slowly, begins to be successful. When he finally breaks the hold Tilli quickly stands up, floors Erick with a vicious DDT and lands a massive leg drop right onto his face. Making Erick lay lifeless and giving Tilli a huge smirk on his face. He taunts for the crowd as they all cheer widely, Tilli picks up Erick, only for him to tackle him into the crowd and they begin a tustle which Erick seems to be winning, Erick gets on top of Tilli and begins to pound his head with right hands, MC steel looks on and rolls his eyes as Tilli lays totally unconscious still getting stiff fists right into his head. Erick then gets off him and walks over to his corner, tagging in Triple A, Triple A runs in and lands a few quick stomps on Tilli before grabbing him by the hair and pulling him up to his feet, Tilli is very groggy and Triple A runs towards the ropes for momentum but as he does, Talia pulls his leg and he slams forward directly onto his nose, the referee runs over and begins shouting at Talia Madison in this time, Tilli picks up Triple A and floors him with a huge Breaking Point, then he goes for the cover, but no count is made, Talia screams at the ref to start to the count but he spends a few more seconds shouting at her and finally begins to count 1............ 2............ Triple A kicks out!

MS: "Great match here tonight."

Tazz: It's moving so quickly for me.

Tilli gets up and lands a knee drop to the face of Triple A before going up to the top rope, he gets up there and goes for a Phenomenon but Erick punches his ankle sending him out of the ring and down to the floor outside the ring. The ref doesn't see Erick hit him but he begins a count as Tilli crawls around in pain 1................. 2................ 3.................. 4................. 5........... Tilli finally gets his feet and manages to crawl back into the ring, Triple A is now waiting for him and runs forward hitting a huge Neckbreaker making Tilli land viciously on his neck, Tilli scrambles around in more agony then when he fell out of the ring. Triple A laughs loudly and gives Tilli the finger before picking him up and slamming him into the corner, Triple A begins to slam his shoulder right into the gut of Tilli before Irish Whipping him off into the other corner and landing a huge splash on him. Tilli walks forward clutching at his chest only for Triple A to clothesline him down to the ground, Tilli tries to fight back but Triple A just laughs and begins to work his leg, Tilli tries to crawl away but Triple A won't let him, Eventually after Triple A has harmed the leg of Tilli a lot, he pulls Tilli to his feet, he has a very strong limp and Triple A goes for a K O but Tilli counters and manages to get a tag on MC steel, MC steel runs in and spears Triple A to the ground before punching Erick in the face, he sets Triple A up for the Second City Stopper and hits hit, making Triple A lay unconscious. He smiles briefly and tags Tilli back in who runs in and picks up Triple A, Tilli goes for another Breaking Point and hits it, leaving Triple A out of it. Tilli goes for a pin 1.............. 2........... 3.............. The ref calls for the bell.

TR: Here are you're winners, Lethal injection, TJ Tilli and MC steel!

Tilli and steel both celebrate right before walking backstage both looking satisfied.

MS: What a match this was and now TJ Tilli and MC Steel will go to Slamathon for the ICW Tag Team Championships.

Tazz: Not only that, but now we get to see who might be their opponent.

A 2-slot machine appear on the Titantron, spinning. It begins to slow down and finally comes to a stop." border="0" alt="" />

MS: Whoa. Now this is unexpecting.

Tazz: Cobain hasn't even debut yet and he's been selected to be in the tournament. With Zack Blaze, no doubt. We're goin to commercial, but the action does not stop here.


The light begin flashing as "What A Great Night" by Hilltop hoods comes on and from behind the titantron, Awesome Cobain steps out,with a big grin on his face. He's wearing just his wrestling tights and looks all around the crowd with a smile nodding his head as they all cheer and scream for him. He walks slowly towards the ring as the lights stop flashing and stops, he leaps into the air and lets out a huge flying kick into the air. In sync with a massive set of fireworks.

TR: The following contest is scheduled for One-Fall. Making his way to the ring, from Melbourne, Australia, weighing in at 249 lbs: Awesome Cobain!

MS: Now here's a new face that will make the ICW huge!

Tazz: Indeed, partner. He has been big in other companies, and with ICW, he'll be the next ICW Champion.

Cobain walks down the rest of the ramp and steps into the ring. He gets up on the top rope and panders more to the fans as more fireworks are unleashed. He jumps onto the mat and awaits his opponent.

"Maybe I'm a Lion" plays through the P/A and flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. 12 seconds into the song, Firework go off one more time and Leon Lonewolf appears in huge pop. Leon makes his way down the ramp in a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans.

Tony Roberts: And his opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 285 lbs, he is the ICW Champion: Leon Lonewolf!

He makes his way to the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air: his symbol of honor. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He climbs down and readies himself for the match.

MS: What a debut for Awesome Cobain. Who wouldn't want their first match against the World Champion?

Tazz: I know. When you face a Champion, even if it's a non-title match, you can feel the adrenaline flowing through you, making it difficult to lose, but if it's your first match, then things start getting interesting.

MS: These two know each other quite well, so here we go!

The bell rings and both men shake hands. They lock up in the middle of the ring and Leon overpowers Cobain and pushes him to the other side of the ring. Leon goes to pull Cobain to hus feet - RIGHT JAB TO THE TEMPLE! Leon is down! Cobaind puts something away and goes for the cover


[Ding Ding Ding]

MS: What the-what just happened?

TR: The winner of this match: Awesome Cobain!

Tazz: Hold on a minute. I saw Cobain put something in his tights before covering. I wanna see a slo-mo replay

MS: I agree.

A replay is shown. As Leon pulls Cobain to his feet, Cobain reaches into his tights, pulling out brass knuckles, and jabbing him in the temple.He puts them away as he covers.

MS: What a dirty trick.

Tazz: I was wrong about him. Anyone who wins like that is a fluke.

MS: But now we will find out who Cobain and Blaze's opponents will be.

The 2-slot machine re-appears on the Tron. After a moment, it begins to slow down, then comes to a stop.

MS: What?

Tazz: Leon Lonewolf is in the tournament. But who is his partner?

Leon asks for a mic.

Leon: I'm guessing you are all wondering why I don't have a partner up there. Well, if I'm not given a partner, then I guess I get to choose! [The crowd pops as Leon exits the ring and heads up the ramp. Cobain is still in the ring with a pissed-off look on his face.]

Tazz: Wow. What a shocker. Next week: Zack Blaze & Xavier Serikaz vs. Leon Lonewolf and a partner of his choosing.

MS: Wait a minute. I got breaking news. Blaze is cashing in his rematch clause next week. And if Cobain and Blaze wins, Blaze is the new ICW Champion, but if Leon's team wins, Leon is still champion.

Tazz: This will be a night to remember. Don't go anywhere. We will return to Eruption.


A montage of superstars appears as "Final Hour" by X-Ray Dog plays in the background. All the Superstars look determined.

Leon Lonewolf: One a year...

TJ Tilli: There comes a time...

Zack Blaze: Where it all comes down to this.

Xavier Serikaz: The biggest moment of our lives.

Awesome Cobain: The biggest moment in ICW History.

Leon Lonewolf: It all comes down to this.

TJ Tilli: There will be no second chance.

Zack Blaze: There will be no mercy.

Xavier Serikaz: There will be blood, sweat and tears.

Awesome Cobain: There will be rises and falls.

Leon Lonewolf: This...

TJ Tilli: This...

Zack Blaze: This...

Xavier Serikaz: This...

Awesome Cobain: This...

All in Unison: my Slamathon.

The show continues as the entire roster is already in the ring, determined to become the next World Champion.

MS: Ladies and Gentlemen, in 3 weeks, ICW Slamathon comes to ICW. We will be in the home state of ICW: None other than the HHH Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tickets are on sale now, but they go fast.

Tazz: Now let's find out who our new #1 Contender is.

TR: The following match is for the number one contendership to the ICW championship!

All of a sudden, Athena and Talia Madison make their way to the ring. Athena, the ICW Womens Champion, grabs a mic.

Athena: Hold on a minute, boys. We're here to kick things up a notch.

Talia: You don't mind us comin in, do you?

Several of the men pull down the ropes, inviting the women in.

Talia & Athena: Thanks boys <3!

Both women enter the ring.

MS: Ring the bell?

Tazz: Meh, they'll get there.

The bell rings and the match has officially begun, everybody throws punches at everyone and the first noticeable move is TJ Tilli and Awesome Cobain teaming up, they hook Jerry Static's head and hit a huge supplex on him slamming him down onto the mat hard. Triple A and the Undertaker start to go at it, throwing punch for punch as Talia seductively follows TJ Tilli around. Athena and Zack Blaze and in the corner and Athena appears to be laying quite a few punches into him but from no where Zack flips Athena over the top rope.


Chris Genocide and Desmond Haynes are in a Tustle on the ground and Chris manages to lock a headlock on him, squeezing his head applying all his body wait right onto the neck of Desmond. MC steel and Xavier Serikaz are both standing back watching everybody fight and they both look at each other but from no where, MC steel comes along and clotheslines them both over the top rope, they try to hold on but MC steel lands a dropkick on both of them sending them out of the ring.


Cobain and Tilli are still teaming up on everyone just laying people out, they hit Triple A with a double clothesline and Cobain hits Undertaker with a stiff boot sending him down to the ground. Tilli and Cobain looks at each other and smile, Zack Blaze then comes in and floors both Tilli and Cobain with a clothesline, he gets up to his feet and looks at Talia Madison smiling he begins to walk up to her stalking her. She cowers in the corner and he giggles mockingly. But from behind him Jerry Static hits him with a stiff punch to the back of the head, making him groggy. Jerry then jumps into the air and hits a huge dropkick to the back of his head sending him flying forward and bouncing off the ropes into the ring. Now lying unconscious. Jerry smiles and then looks at Talia before grabbing her hair and throwing her over the top rope.


Chris Genocide is now onto of Desmond and has a strong Boston Crab locked in. Desmond is screaming in pain and trying to grab for the bottom rope. By this time, Triple A is at his feet while Undertaker is still at his knees, Triple A begins to lay fists into the face of the Undertaker until blood begins to pour out of his skull. Triple A laughs and grabs the head of the undertaker slamming it down on his knee knocking him out cold. MC steel in in the corner of the ring stalking TJ Tilli as he gets to his feet, TJ reaches his feet and turns around to be suddenly floored with a 21 guns, leaving Tilli totally out of it in the center of the ring. At this point Cobain is standing and he grabs a hold of MC steel and goes for a DDT but MC steel counters with a clothesline that Cobain ducks and then hits a quick snap DDT slamming MC steel's head into the mat. Cobain gets back up and begins to work MC steel's leg. Zack Blaze gets up and looks at Jerry Static who is smiling at him, he frowns and they both lock up in a test of strength, but from no where Jerry kicks him in the gut, hooks him in the face and throws him over the top rope.


Desmond Haynes finally breaks the Boston Crab hold by getting onto the ropes, Chris laughs as the damage has already been done and he picks him before going to throw him over the top rope but as he does, Cobain comes from behind him and picks him throwing both of them over the top rope.


Tazz: It never ceases to amaze me when 2 or more Superstars are eliminated at the same time.

Awesome Cobain is still working the leg of MC steel with an ankle lock while, TJ Tilli is still lying unconscious on the ground, Undertaker is lying next to Tilli in a pool of his own blood while Triple A and Jerry static start to go at it, Jerry goes for a Superkick but Triple A dodges and tries to hit a face buster only to have Jerry counter it with a bulldog. Slamming Triple A's face into the mat, MC steel lunges for the ropes and finally manages to get a hand on the rope, the referee makes Cobain break the hold so Cobain does and stomps on the foot of MC steel before picking him up spitting rudely in his face and throwing him over the top rope with ease.


Jerry looks at the fallen Triple A and chuckles obviously. He picks him up and tries to throw him over the top rope, but Triple A blocks it and manages to land an elbow onto the face of Jerry but from behind, Cobain picks up Triple A and tosses him out of the ring.


Tazz: Could you please turn down the volume?

MS: Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Jerry and Cobain both look at each other then at the two guys still layed out in the ring who are beginning to move around. They then look at each other and begins throwing punch for punch. Cobain manages to gain the upper hand and hits a samoan drop followed by a quick knee stomp right onto Jerry's face. Jerry jumps around in pain screaming. Cobain stands up and picks up Undertaker, he shows the camera the blood pouring out of his head and Cobain slaps him around a little bit, he then grabs him by the hair and sets him up for a destructor but Undertaker manages to fight out of it only for Cobain to kick him in the gut and supplex him out of the ring.


Cobain now looks at Jerry and TJ Tilli he smiles to himself as he is the only man standing and he picks up Tilli trying to brush him off and help him out, after a while they're both standing Cobain at full strength and TJ Tilli still with a little bit of strength left. They look at Jerry and they both smile, Cobain stands over Jerry's body and gets a very powerful boston grab locked in. While TJ Tilli goes over to the face of Jerry and hooks in an arm trap crossface. Jerry screams in pain as they both have powerful moves locked on him. Jerry tries to scramble away but the moves are locked in tight and he can't budge. Cobain then lets go of the boston Crab hold and stands up straight, Tilli doesn't realize that he's stood up and continues with his submission hold but from no where Cobain kicks Tilli in the back of the head, making him drop the submission and fall forward, Jerry continues to lie on the ground scrambling around in pain, Cobain laughs and sets him up for a hebism, slowly he gets up to his feet, still grabbing his back that's in pain. Cobain runs forward only to have Jerry kick him in the face and floor him with a huge static bomb. Leaving Cobain totally out of it, Jerry then moves over to Tilli and picks him up, they begin a test of strength that Jerry easily wins and throws him back down to the ground and into the ropes, Jerry laughs and gets on top of Tilli beginning to throw punches into his face. Tilli just lays there totally out of it and Jerry smiles, Jerry gets back up to his feet pulls Tilli into the middle of the ring, he then pulls Cobain into the middle of the ring and places him onto of Tilli. Jerry gets the crowd hyped up and begins climbing up to the top rope. He gets there and he goes for the static splash, only to have Cobain roll out of the way and him hit TJ Tilli directly. Cobain gets back up to his feet and picks Tilli up, holding him up right, Jerry stands up as well and they all look at each other, Tilli being pretty out of it doesn't do anything so they both grab the hands of TJ Tilli and Irish whip him towards the ropes, they both run forward going for a double clothesline but Cobain stops and Jerry goes for a clothesline to knock TJ out of the ring, but TJ falls over grabbing the top rope with him pulling it down making Jerry go right over the top rope and outside to the floor.


Cobain then grabs Tilli and hits a huge destructor, leaving Tilli knocked out Cobain then picks up Tilli and tries to throw him over the top rope, Tilli goes over but lands on the ring apron, holding onto the top rope, he's pretty out of it, Cobain runs towards the ropes and gets momentum and then comes back and through the ropes he hits a huge Hebism sending them both flying out of the ring but while Cobain is still in the air, Tilli hits the floor and the bell rings.


MS: Wow...what a hellacious match.

Tazz: Indeed, loud mouth. Boy, do we have a match for you guys. Slamathon. Leon Lonewolf defends the ICW Championahip against Awesome Cobain.

MS: Indeed, Tazz. We're out of time. Good night everybody.

They both lay on the ground not in good shape Tilli worse than Cobain, slowly Cobain gets to his feet and streamers begin to fall down and Cobain walks off with a huge grin on his face, the show goes off the air with Cobain posing for the crowd at the top of the entrance ramp.
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Saturday Night Eruption 3.1
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