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 TBP: "So they named a soda after you..."

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PostSubject: TBP: "So they named a soda after you..."   Fri May 28, 2010 8:03 pm

Promo #2 ~ Locker room ~ Angelina Love, Talia Madison and TJ Tilli.

The camera enters a locker room where Angelina Love, Talia Madison and TJ Tilli are all sitting on steel chairs, discussing different issues. Angelina turns to the camera and lets out an enchanting smile.

Angelina Love: Alright everybody, it’s time for an announcement. I was called a TNA reject by “The Fizz” and a former member of The Beautiful People. Now, me alongside my friend Talia, have decided to bring back our little alliance in order to cleanse this fed of everything... monster.

Angelina peers over at the trash can which has a scrunched up can of Monster Energy. She sighs and cracks her knuckles.

Angelina Love: So they named a soda after you, woo-wee. That shit tastes horrible; I don’t know how you run on it. You go and you talk crap about me because we all know I have the full package! The wrestling skills, the beauty and the body...

Angelina runs her hands down her perfect body, past her hips and to her thighs. The crowd whistle and scream in enjoyment.

Angelina Love: What have you got? Oh, I am the only wrestler monster energy sponsor.

Angelina says the last sentence in a goofy voice. Her and Talia giggle for a moment whilst TJ still sits, reading a magazine.

Talia: If you think for one moment that you could even last 10 minutes in the ring with Angie, then you’re sorely mistaken! You are nothing but a freak of nature! How did you even get a visa to this country?

Talia sighs and looks to Angelina who lets out a whisper and they both sigh again.

Talia: Anyways, we have a special gift for you and we’ll be sure you get it, either before or after Angelina kicks your fat British-Ass right back to the U.K!

Angelina and Talia begin to flaunt a brown paper-bag with a picture of Dracula on it. They giggle and turn it around. Written on it are the words “The real monster!” in bright pink marker. Talia and Angelina leave the locker room and the camera moves to TJ Tilli. He sits there reading until Talia returns and tells him to come on. He jumps out of his seat and over to her. The camera fades to black and a pink graphic appears with “TBP IS BACK” written on it.

~Credit to TJ Tilli, for letting me use Talia and TJ, a little xD~
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TBP: "So they named a soda after you..."
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